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WeChat Pay Acceptance

Verifone Enables WeChat Pay

Editorial Board
November 16, 2017
Verifone Enables Top French Department Store to Say “Oui-Oui” to WeChat Pay!

Galeries Lafayette can now accept WeChat Pay, a mobile payment solution within WeChat, from Chinese tourists traveling to France thanks to Verifone and BNP Paribas.

To help Galeries Lafayette capitalize on Chinese tourists who shop in their stores, Verifone is supporting WeChat Pay’s rich and interactive shopping experience within a familiar digital environment. Fast and secure payments can be made through QR codes generated directly on smartphones. With 980 million monthly active users today WeChat integrates instant messaging and social entertainment, bringing about a mobile digital lifestyle on an easy-to-use app. It was created by Tencent, a leading provider of Internet value-added services in China.

The WeChat platform enables authorized service providers and local retailers such as BNP, Verifone and Galeries Lafayette, to serve Chinese consumers and Chinese tourists who visit Europe. In China, WeChat Pay is accepted almost everywhere including supermarkets, hospitals, and taxis. The WeChat cross-border payment function enables Chinese users to purchase items directly from shops, hotels and restaurants abroad without the hassle of exchanging local currency or withdrawing cash, which helps boost sales.

Though payment in its many forms has been ubiquitous, consumers are challenging the status quo to accept alternative forms of digital payment, and merchants are challenged to deliver experiences that support new consumer lifestyle habits in highly secure environments. Acceptance of WeChat Pay means opening a door to access, engage, interact, and follow-up with Chinese tourists before they come and after they leave.

Verifone is proud to support Galeries Lafayette with WeChat Pay acceptance and contribute to an even better interactive and innovative consumer experience in stores.

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