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Verifone V400m

A fit-in-your-hand, full-featured portable payment device.


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Tailored to Your Needs

Captivate and maintain a loyal customer base by offering personalized, value-added services. Embrace the power of customization and seize new growth opportunities.

Unleash the Potential Within

Discover the V400m, a powerhouse of innovation, performance and advanced functionality designed to cater to your business needs both now and in the future. With its remarkable power and enduring capabilities, this solution is dedicated to empowering your business's growth and success.

Seamless Connectivity Choices

Embracing our omni-connected ethos, the V400m offers all-in-one connectivity, ensuring absolute portability. This feature makes it the perfect companion for pay-at-the-table convenience, curbside transactions and efficient line busting. Experience the freedom to serve your customers wherever they are with unparalleled ease.

Connected throughout the day. Every day.

Lightweight with a powerful battery and robust connectivity, this impressive device helps your business keep up with your customers.

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Verifone V400m portable payment device

Flexible Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®

  • 4G LTE

Fast Performance

  • 3.85 V/2890 mAH Li-ion battery

  • ARM Cortex A7 quad core processor

Optimal Usability

  • V/OS2 (Linux Based) + ADK

  • 512MB Flash, 512MB SDRAM memory

Trusted By a Wide Range of Merchants

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All-in-One Connectivity Enables Absolute Portability

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Do you need help choosing the right solution?

Good consultation takes time. Our team will happily discuss your needs so you can confidently choose the right solution for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can the Verifone V400m handle high transaction volumes?

    Yes, the Verifone V400m is designed to handle high transaction volumes efficiently. Its powerful processor ensures quick transaction processing, minimizing wait times for customers. The device is built to handle the demands of busy environments such as retail stores, restaurants and events, enabling you to process transactions swiftly and keep your business running smoothly.

  • How user-friendly is the Verifone V400m for both merchants and customers?

    The Verifone V400m is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface and large color touchscreen display make it easy for merchants to navigate and process transactions quickly. Thanks to the device's clear prompts and user-friendly design, customers will also find it convenient to use. The ergonomically designed device ensures comfortable and efficient interactions for merchants and customers.

  • Can the Verifone V400m be integrated with my existing payment processing system?

    Yes, the Verifone V400m is designed to seamlessly integrate with various payment processing systems and software solutions. Whether you're using a traditional POS system or a mobile payment platform, the V400m can be easily configured to work with your existing setup. Its flexible connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE ensure reliable and fast communication between the device and your payment processing infrastructure. 

Device Specifications

It’s Verifone. It’s safe.


World's smallest, full-function portable payment device


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    3.5" Screen
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    Supports Major NFC/Contactless Schemes
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    Verifone Secure OS, Engage VOS2
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    ARM Cortex A9, 600 MHz
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    PCI PTS 5.x Approved

End-to-End Solutions

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    Device Diagnostics

    Healthcare for your device estate - monitor, diagnose and maintain.

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    Payment Gateway

    Use our ultra-secure transaction processing solution to deliver a fast and scalable payments.

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    APIs by Verifone

    A fully controllable and immersive shopper payment experience.

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