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Verifone Commander Site Controller

All-in-one solution for Convenience Retailers.

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Versatile Site Management

The Commander site controller offers convenience store owners a full suite of site management solutions providing increased speed in payment acceptance, fueling operations and back-office store control.


Extensive Certification

The Commander is certified across all major dispenser brands, payment networks and oil brands.


Built for Business Growth

The Commander’s system architecture includes expansion slots to support up to 24 serial connections. It supports mixed dispenser brands and up to 64 fueling positions.

Intelligent business management

State-of-the-art site management that provides fast transaction speeds both in-store and at the pump
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Site Controller for Convenience Store

Secure and Robust Solution

  • Certified Across All Dispenser Types, Payment Networks and Oil Brands

  • Engineered for Rugged Reliability

Powerful Tools to Manage Your Site

  • Set Up and Modify Configurations

  • Remote Software Upgrades

Designed to Grow with Your Business

  • Expansion Slots and Ports

  • 4GB DDR3 SDRAM, Scalable to 8GB

Used By Merchants Across Industries

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Incredible Transaction Speed - In the Store and at the Fuel Island

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Verifone Commander Site Controller?

    The Verifone Commander Site Controller is a robust and advanced payment and fuel management system designed specifically for fuel retailers. It provides comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities for managing fuel dispensers, payment processing, inventory management, and more.

  • What features does the Verifone Commander Site Controller offer?

    The Verifone Commander Site Controller offers a range of features to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Some key features include: 

    • Fuel dispenser control
    • Payment processing: It supports secure payment acceptance methods, including credit cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallets.
    • Site management with different tools such as Report Navigator, Transaction Manager and Commander Console. Report Navigator is used to view reporting data for the store. Reporting information such as the close day report can be configured to include a multitude of report options. Transaction Manager allows for site transaction logs and data to be accessed from the Commander or archived locally. Commander Console enables multiple store reporting data to be consolidated into one place for easy visibility to monitor and track sales trends.
  • How does the Verifone Commander Site Controller enhance security?

    The Verifone Commander Site Controller prioritizes security to protect sensitive customer and business data. It incorporates encryption and tokenization technologies to ensure secure payment processing. Additionally, it helps fuel retailers comply with industry security standards such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requirements.

Device Specifications

Commander Site Controller

Site Controller - all-in-one solution for convenience retailers


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    Operating Systems: Windows and iOS
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    4GB DDR2 SDRAM, scalable to 8GB
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    Secure real-time Linux

End-to-End Solution

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    Integrated POS

    Verifone C18 is a comprehensive POS solution for convenience retail & petroleum. It combines hardware and software to provide a seamless and secure point-of-sale experience for businesses, and is designed to handle payments without the
    need to recertify existing POS applications.

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    Advanced Payment Methods

    Open the world of commerce with and provide more ways for your customers to pay, such as PayPal and Venmo. Access all the certified APM partners with a single integration to Verifone.

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    Verifone BackOffice

    Verifone BackOffice is a powerful new cloud-based store management solution designed specifically for convenience and petroleum retailers, with out-of-the-box integrations that retailers want, including integration with Altria’s Digital and Data Programs

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