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Your Payments Done Your Way

We understand that no two businesses are alike, and success looks different for everyone, so our payment solutions are built around your SMB’s specific needs and goals.

Helping Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Realize Their Full Potential

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Built Around Your Business

From the most recognizable global brands down to the vibrant corner store or neighborhood bar, we know what it takes to make commerce happen everywhere and at any scale. We design your solution around your business, curating a unique set of services to position you for success - and according to your definition of it.

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All Sales Channels in Synch

Let customers cross your brand’s in-person and digital channels seamlessly, by having a single payments architecture in the backend. Whether they’re shopping in-store, in app or on the site, let them pick up where they left off on their journeys, to boost conversion odds and deliver memorable experiences in the process.

Enable any omnichannel scenario your shoppers expect, by having all transactions unified in one payments platform, and leverage consolidated data insights to drive growth. Your Verifone Central dashboard is the single point of truth, capturing high-level or detailed metrics to help your team take more time sensitive business decisions.  

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Take Control of Your Payment Infrastructure

Don’t let lengthy negotiation processes, signing flows or deployment tasks steal the momentum of your business. Our self-service onboarding services allow you to take control of the type of products and services you get from us, giving you free reign to choose and track what is needed from our portfolio, sign digital contracts on-the-fly and customize products from your dashboard, all while saving time and resources.

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Ready to unlock the full potential of your business?

We’ll guide you through the changes needed to enhance operations and stand out in the competitive SMB landscape, in any market you’re selling into.

Our Range of Services Keep You Covered
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Start accepting payments directly through our hosted payment solutions. Get out-of-the-box checkout templates and payment method acceptance and stay covered with built-in compliance and anti-fraud services.
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Take control of your payment infrastructure with our self-service boarding services. Choose and deploy just the products needed, without wasting time on administrative overhead.
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Retain control of your payment device estate with device management that puts you at the helm. Track, configure, optimize and update payment hardware, all without wasting time travelling on location.
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Need help? Let's talk.

Good consultation takes time. Our team of experts will happily discuss your specific needs one-on-one for a personalized payment strategy.