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Shape Engaging Experiences That Exceed Your Guests’ Expectations

Want to serve your customers even better? Our payment services help you step up your game, whether you operate a bustling hotel, a busy restaurant or a popular neighborhood bar.

Create a Better Guest Experience

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Solutions for Every Channel of Your Business

Self-Service Devices

Deliver an on-brand experience even with no staff involved. Whether you’re looking for self-service devices or want to combine customer-operated terminals with traditional POS, we have you covered. Our self-service kiosks enable simplicity with vibrant, customizable and interactive displays that catch the attention of consumers, offering them a zero-friction ordering experiences. No waiting. No headaches. No hassles.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

    No-one likes waiting. Use kiosks to decrease wait times by empowering customers to build their order, send it to the kitchen, and then pay, all with a few taps. Some of our partners have seen a decrease in queue time in their stores by up to 70% using kiosks. 

  • Increase order value

    Upsell and promote specials with kiosks that deliver insight-driven prompts as guests are building their orders. Encourage your customers to add extras or upgrade their food or drink, increasing total yield. Unlike staff, kiosks never forget to upsell, maximizing opportunities for increased order values. 

  • Improve order accuracy

    Forget about botched orders. With self-serve kiosks, customer review their own orders before confirming them, greatly reducing the opportunity for miscommunication, food waste and lost profits.

  • Boost productivity

    Reduce operational and overhead costs through increased automation. Allow valuable personnel to focus on the customer experience and order fulfillment, empowering your businesses to become more efficient and, in turn, more profitable. 

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Seamless Integration

Create the best possible experience for customers. We partner with leading hospitality software providers to offer you a complete end-to-end payment solution that streamlines your business operations. Seamlessly integrate into all major POS systems or continue to use your existing POS solution, all while benefiting from our powerful payments platform.

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Make Payments Mobile

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by offering the payment methods your customers prefer to use. At theme parks and sporting events, our mPOS devices easily enable payment acceptance where your customers are. Go into the stands to sell food or right up to the gate for ride boarding. Restaurateurs and patrons alike benefit from an improved customer experience – tableside or curbside.

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Ready to impress your guests?

We offer powerful payment solutions without the baggage. We’ll help you get started.

Hospitality That’s Guided by Practicality
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Spend less time managing your business and more time engaging with your guests. Our payment solutions are designed to save you money, save you time, and help you grow your bottom line.
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We’re here for you long after the transaction says “approved.” Discover our robust and diverse suite of Managed Services, designed to support your business when and how you need it – always there but never in the way.
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Take your Hospitality business further.

Focus on creating the best guest experiences – we’ll help you take care of the rest.