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Verifone’s employee benefit packages, designed specifically for each of our regional locations, are generous and competitive! Healthy employees are happy employees, and we support your wellness through a range of benefits for you and your loved ones.

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Bill Baldwin, white, male, wearing glasses

Bill Baldwin

Systems Integration Engineering Software Manager

Verifone Atlanta

I’ve been with Verifone for about 20 years, and I have transitioned through six different roles and teams, starting as a QS tech, all the way to my current position of managing our system integration team. This team works directly with our customers to deliver, customize and support our software solutions. Getting to work directly with our customers and then go out into the world and use the real-life solutions that I helped create or implement is deeply satisfying. While I have been in the payments industry for 30 years, the bulk of that tenure has been with Verifone because management has always prioritized my desires to grow and evolve my career. Over the years I have seen some challenges arise that require coordination from a huge number of people across nearly all departments, all the way up to our CEO making personal visits and phone calls, and it has been rewarding to see the whole company pull together to solve these challenges quickly and with a cohesive and positive attitude.

Marte Skoglund, white female

Marte Skoglund

VP Product Solutions Managed Services

Verifone Norway

Verifone has allowed me to build the career I want.  I started in the Human Resources department, and when I wanted to pursue a different career path, Verifone empowered me and gave me the tools and opportunities to do that. Today I am on the Product team leading the creation of a globally-significant direct-to-merchant product. I don’t know many companies that support their employees’ growth in this way, and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here.

Oana Trif, white female

Oana Trif

Customer Onboarding Manager

Verifone Romania

2Checkout {now Verifone} is active in a very hot market, so if you're looking to work in an industry that is constantly growing and evolving, this is the right place. Even as the company has matured, it has kept its start-up-like agility and enthusiasm, and this is reflected in the overall culture. It's a fun place to work, and I have found here some of the brightest, friendliest, and hardest working people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. 2Checkout is continuously evolving, but our culture and values continue to be deeply embedded in the way we run business and the way we treat each other. The work environment is challenging and mentally stimulating - it's easy to speak your mind and share your ideas (from peer to C level) and it is highly encouraged. It's equally easy to have your ideas challenged, in a constructive and candid way. We're human, so not everything is perfect of course, but everyone is respectful and committed to helping each other so it's fairly easy to get over imperfect situations.

Peyton O'Connor, white female

Peyton O'Connor

EVP of Human Resources

Verifone Scottsdale


I joined Verifone in 2015 as an HR Manager supporting the Americas Sales Organization based in our Clearwater, Florida office. From there I just kept taking every opportunity presented until I was offered the role to lead our incredibly talented Human Resource organization in 2018! 


Verifone stands out because we are a constantly evolving organization, and we strive to create better standards in supporting our customers. Verifone culture is made of up of an extremely hardworking and focused workforce. Our employees are committed to the success of our products and services, which helps cultivate the stamina to perform outstanding work.


My favorite thing about working for Verifone (besides my awesome team) is the transparency and clearly defined vision which is critical for our company. We are constantly and consistently communicating our strategy so our employees can stay motivated by our vision. I have found that the key to success in this company is to seize each day. Be a hustler and never stop looking for opportunities to change your work environment for the better. Take the initiative and work to improve processes, while staying flexible and self-reliant. Never stop asking questions, never be afraid to admit mistakes, and always be ready to fix problems!"

Roberto Morgado Junior, Latin Male wearing glasses

Roberto Morgado Junior

Product Manager

Verifone Brazil

I was worried about what my onboarding experience would be since it was all virtual, given that I joined Verifone during COVID-19, but it couldn't have been smoother or faster.  I was hired to replace an excellent product manager that moved to a different role in the company.  It has been helpful to receive their support and knowledge transfer, and I'm proud to build on their work to keep my position growing and improving in my region.  I have worked in the payments industry for 25 years and was looking to join a company where my experiences and ideas could make an impactful contribution.  I had three job offers, including Verifone, and the choice to join a global payments leader whose mission aligns with my own was an easy one to make.

Sangeetha Anbazhagan, Female, Indian

Sangeetha Anbazhagan

Software Automation Engineer

Verifone Canada

"I joined the Verifone team during COVID-19, so my entire interview and onboarding process was virtual. I was worried this would be difficult or slow, but the whole process has been incredibly smooth. Once on board, everyone I work with has been welcoming and helpful, and most of them have been with Verifone for 10 to 30 years, which speaks volumes to me about this company and our team. I am receiving the training I need to be able to jump in and start working right away, and my manager and co-workers are always available and supportive!”

Vanessa Saffold, African American female

Vanessa Saffold

Legal Operations Contracts Manager

Verifone Miami

"I joined Verifone in early 2020.  I was really impressed at how the interview and onboarding process was straightforward and seamless, and I acclimated by the time the Covid-19 shutdowns were implemented. From working in the office to going remote, every Verifone employee I have interacted with has been very helpful, resourceful, and welcoming.  I have also met veteran Verifone employees that have been with tenures of ten, even twenty years which is uncommon these days.  I always ask them what has kept them at Verifone, and they all say positive things about the culture, their teams, their growth, and how helpful and professional the employees are.  I’m also especially impressed with how Verifone has handled Covid-19, being flexible and understanding and truly concerned about its employee’s health and wellbeing It has really helped to keep stress levels down."

Yadira Montiel, Hispanic Female

Yadira Montiel

HR Manager

Verifone Mexico

"I have been with Verifone for 6 happy years, I love working here! I have been given increasing responsibilities since joining the HR team, going from managing HR for one Latin America country, to managing six. I have enjoyed the increasing trust and responsibility, and the tremendous opportunities to grow and learn are very fulfilling. There are so many growth opportunities for everyone, across all levels of the company. My favorite part of working here is attitude – all employees and managers I have worked with over the years have good attitudes and great teamworking skills, something I hadn’t experienced so consistently at other companies.”

Bill Baldwin, white, male, wearing glasses Marte Skoglund, white female Oana Trif, white female Peyton O'Connor, white female Roberto Morgado Junior, Latin Male wearing glasses Sangeetha Anbazhagan, Female, Indian Vanessa Saffold, African American female Yadira Montiel, Hispanic Female

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