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Mobile Point of Sale in a Retail Environment
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Making the Case for Mobile

Executive Summary
The Retail Evolution

Heavily influenced by digitization, the norms of commerce have evolved. Extend the seamless payment experience through mPOS solutions in-store.

The retail experience is transforming, and customers are now in control of the relationship. They are connected, socially network, better informed and unique. Customers want their store experience to revolve around their individual needs; few retailers would dispute that.

Yet, brick-and-mortar businesses are losing in sales each year for one simple reason: their store checkouts aren’t optimized for the ‘me-centric’ demands of the modern shopper.

Too many sales are sacrificed because the item isn’t available in-store, the line is too long, they were never greeted by a store associate or the customer’s total value isn’t recognized. All things that can be solved with a single piece of technology.

The most straightforward, cost effective way to convert more sales in-store is to take transactions to the customer through mobile Point of Sale (mPOS).

Over the next few years we’re going to see a mind shift among retailers, in which mPOS moves from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’. In fact, by 2020, Boston Retail Partners predicts  that 84% of tier 1 and 2 retailers will use mobile POS.

Busy customer queue in a cafe
84 %
of Tier 1 and 2 retailers will use mobile POS by 2020
Boston Retail Partners

Let’s take a look at some of the popular use cases and successes to date:

Grocery Benefits
• Cater to on-the-go shoppers with order online and deliver and pay curbside
• Never lose customers to long lines. Line bust with in-aisle payments to expedite peak shopping hours

Retail Benefits
• Reduce checkout times
• Increase customer throughput
• Create a memorable shopping experience
• Grow store sales
• Improve customer service

Lodging Benefits
• Check guests in anywhere on property (or off)
• Take payments whenever, however and where ever your guests want to pay
• Create a secure room key on demand
• Pool-side Payments

Restaurant Benefits
• Order and Pay-at-the-Table
• Line bust and capture drive away business from the drive-thru
• Increase revenue by expanding with catering, curbside or delivery
• Increase table turns and speed of service
• Curbside Pick-up
• Home delivery payments

A successful mPOS strategy should meet your needs now and in the future.

Making the Case.

Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind when selecting a solution:

  1. What is your problem that you need to solve: A successful mPOS strategy should meet our needs now and in the future. Gauge your software needs now and invest in a solution that is fit for purpose with the longevity of durable hardware that is capable of meeting the demands of constant use over a prolonged period of time.
  2. Connectivity: Think about your store infrastructure requirements and needs.
  3. Put security first: Look for mPOS solutions that are EMV certified to ensure end-to-end data encryption. Selecting a semi-integrated solution where sensitive data is completely removed from the POS is also a great approach.
  4. Look for flexible options: Select a solution that is compatible with multiple operating systems, smartphones and tablets to ensure investment assurance when next-generation devices are released.
  5. Investment choices: Some merchants invest heavily in seasonal devices which sit on a warehouse shelf for 9 of 12 months a year. Reconsider a mobile strategy where you are taking payments to customers year round providing optimal service, not waiting for an increase in seasonal sales. With a rising need and investment in mPOS, customer growth will rely on retailers choosing the right technology for their infrastructure and operational needs, and then successfully integrating it into the store experience. If you would like to learn more about integrating mobility into your store systems, please download the mobility solutions brochure.