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The travel industry continues to be one of the most interesting in recent decades. 2019 was another record year. Occupancy levels, average daily rate (ADR), and revenue per available room (RevPAR) all increased year-over-year. Previous concerns over a possible decline in tourism to gateway cities proved to be generally unfounded. Yet, complications exist. The labor market is tight: unemployment is at a historically low rate, and wages are on the rise. The rise of Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) with tremendous aggregation power continues to drive customer price sensitivity, and the sharing economy (think Airbnb and VRBO) serve as significant disruptors over the last several years alone. There has never been more inventory on the market.

So what’s this all leading to? For one, a very technology-forward traveler. As consumer expectations continue to evolve, the hospitality industry continues to adopt many parts of the technology revolution. Members of the industry are asking where they should direct their attention regarding new technology. Our advice? When considering deploying technology such as kiosks to your hotel or resort, human interactions and ease-of-use must come first and technology second, and the tech has to support those interactions.

According to data collected from the IBM Survey and Kiosk Marketplace Surveys, this is what your digital-first guest looks like today: Eighty-eight percent (88%) expect digital engagement. Sixty-One Percent (61%) are willing to use a completely automated experience. Seventy-eight percent (78%) say their experiences using an automated service was positive, and fifty-two percent (52%) indicated that they prefer self-service tech over human interaction.

A good place to start is to identify the moments that can drastically alter your guest’s perception of the experience. These moments might seem obvious, but a Cornell Hospitality Study has shown that you can have two identical hotels, equally beautiful, pleasant, and comfortable, and the one single thing can affect your customer’s satisfaction by up to forty-seven percent (47%): check-in time. If the wait time to check-in is over 5 minutes, customers don’t just not like it, they hate it. The solution? First, let them check themselves in and pay for their stay, upgrades, services, and add-ons with a self-service kiosk.

Second, think about all the moments after check-in where your hotel policies/procedures might serve as an inhibitor to your guest getting to what they want to do. Perhaps it’s too complicated to order room service (self-order kiosk), or check-out (self-order kiosk), or get the internet password (display on kiosk post check-in), or find the concierge (wayfinding kiosk). Whatever the issue, identify those friction points and start fixing them.

Let’s focus in on self-check-in. Several chains are moving to automated (or after-hour) check-in kiosks. If done well, not only will it guarantee a speedy process and, but case studies show that often when people have privacy, they are more willing to consider up-sells and add-ons. And since a kiosk can process payments without a human or a cash register, there’s nothing but upside. It’s one thing to serendipitously “discover” a great upgrade deal as you’re checking in, and quite another thing to feel as if a person is trying to push you into the decision… “an upgrade for a small price of $XXX.” But let’s take it further – why can’t that experience go from awful to fun? What if instead of the front-desk being the place to go for “check-in and random complaints,” it now was a lobby of beautiful interactivity with hosts available to help? What if guests could easily schedule wake-up calls, get extra keys, make show reservations, all on their time without creating a line? What if you used interactive stations as an opportunity to introduce voice to remove friction? The possibilities are endless.

The Verifone Solution.

We have just explored some ways to bring your hotel into the future, but where do you start? We’d love if you started with us, at Verifone. Our promise is to take you from novice to expert on what it takes to be successful in your pursuit of what a hotel of the future looks like.

Our solutions are modular, future-proof, and built with commercial-grade materials and components to withstand years of repeated use and abuse without breaking down or needing to be replaced. When implemented with the right infrastructure and best-practices in place, our retail clients see consistently higher ticket sizes, effective up-selling and loyalty programs, a more personalized experience, shorter lines, and increased labor efficiency.

Our experience installing thousands of successful solutions, with our consultative approach, cutting-edge OakOS software platform, and world-class services makes us the company to beat when it comes to retail innovations. We can help you with design UI, User Experience and Customer Journeys, and thinking through what a playbook for implementation looks like. From the software to the hardware to the services (installing, maintenance), we can be your single hand to shake to keep you safe and ensure you have a successful roll-out that increases your top-line and saves you on expenses.

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