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Verifone Carbon

Far more than payments...

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When consumers think of smartphones, a flood of uses other than making phone calls likely come to mind. That’s because these devices run a variety of apps that enable users to do far more than simply talk to others.

Payment terminals are evolving in a similar way. Carbon, Verifone’s integrated point of sale device, is the latest example. Merchants can use it to accept payments at the counter, or anywhere else in the store. However, one thing that makes Carbon much more than a “payment terminal,” is the integration of talech’s cloud-based point of sale software, which transforms the device into a powerful business management tool. Merchants can use talech to simplify operations, gain key insights and make better business decisions.

talech’s software enriches Carbon with an array of valuable capabilities, including:

  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Gift, loyalty, email marketing and order ahead
  • Reporting

Merchants can also expand their use of Carbon to support a growing list of apps that can further improve their businesses and enrich customer experiences. This is made possible in part by Developer Central—Verifone’s cloud-based portal, which enables app developers to tap the point of sale without having to contend with the complexity associated with the payments space. Developer Central provides everything needed to develop and test Android/HTML apps for Carbon, and other innovative solutions from Verifone. This greatly expedites developers’ ability to create, scale and deliver apps that can make life easier for merchants and improve the shopping experience for consumers.

By intersecting talech’s software with the benefits of 3rd-party apps at the point of sale, Verifone Carbon provides a dynamic and flexible payment and commerce solution for businesses of all sizes – something merchants are increasingly relying on to help them engage consumers and grow.

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