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EZ-R enrollment

Verifone Introduces EZ-Receipt

Editorial Board
October 8, 2018
Enrollment in e-receipts improves customer experience, cuts waste and reduces merchant costs

LAS VEGAS (October 8, 2018) – NACS SHOW Booth #6332 -Verifone is excited to introduce EZ-Receipt, a software cloud-based technology that seamlessly generates an electronic receipt at the pump, creating a fast and simple pay-and-go payment experience. Additionally, EZ-Receipt reduces merchant operating costs and paper waste, as well as inconvenience associated with maintaining trouble-prone gas pump printers.

“Because of our dominant market share, EZ-Receipt is an example of the frictionless commerce Verifone enables for consumers and merchants alike,” said Dan Yienger, Senior Vice President, Verifone Petroleum. “Our scale across all retail markets and expertise helps merchants transform payments with the latest EMV and security-compliant payment solutions.”

How it works

For merchants equipped with Verifone’s Commander Site Controller, customers simply enroll in EZ-Receipt at the gas pump or on the in-store PIN pad. After entering a 10-digit mobile phone number, the customer receives a text message confirming program enrollment. At the next pay at the pump or in-store purchase visit, a customer uses the same payment card on the PIN pad or pump dispenser card reader and automatically receives a digital receipt via text or email.

“Verifone is committed to simplifying payment and improving convenience at the pump and in-store,” said Verifone. “With EZ-Receipts, customers no longer have to wait for a printed receipt making the transaction faster, while at the same time reducing operation costs and paper waste for merchants.”

For a demo of Verifone’s EZ-Receipt at NACS 2018 in Las Vegas, stop by booth #6332.

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