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Audience at the San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School Annual Luncheon Event
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Verifone gives back: San Jose

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It was touching to see my coworkers donate their talent, time, and money to support my passion – working with SJCC+CS.

-Anna Chan, Global Marketing Manager


SJCC+CS has been serving the community


youth served (ages 17.5-27)


graduates for 2016-2017 school year

The San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School (SJCC+CS) is an organization dedicated to getting the community’s disadvantaged youth on the right track.

For over 30 years, SJCC+CS has assisted the community’s underprivileged youth by providing educational and vocational resources. Whether it be obtaining a high school diploma, passing a state exam, or receiving diverse job training, SJCC+CS has helped mold more than 20,000 young men and women who wouldn’t have received such an opportunity otherwise.

Anna Chan, Global Marketing Manager at Verifone, has served on the SJCC+CS Board of Directors since 2016. For Chan, the opportunity to give back to the community by educating and enriching its disadvantaged youth has been a fulfilling and inspiring life experience.

Anna Chan speaks to a SJCC+CS alumni

Anna Chan, Global Marketing Manager at Verifone, and an SJCC+CS Board Member, speaks with SJCC+CS alumni at the 2018 Spring Luncheon Celebration.

“SJCC+CS imparts its students with high-quality education, vocational schooling, and the life skills that empower them to become productive and caring individuals, which can only strengthen our community,” said Chan. “These are young people who may not have been able to reach these goals previously due to systematic barriers.”

2017 Graduates San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School
increased lifetime earnings for 174 graduates

It’s the organization’s goal to afford its underprivileged students the same opportunities for education, employment, and income—to close the gaps that unfortunately exist.

On April 26th, SJCC+CS held its annual Spring Luncheon Celebration, held at the charter school campus. Chan suggested this year’s event be hosted onsite, which gave attendees a sense of why the school matters, why donations have been so important to its growth, and why more funding is still needed.

SJCC+CS Annual Luncheon event

Mark Lazzarini, Board Member at SJCC+CS, speaks to the crowd.

“Last year, I took a backseat during the planning process to understand it better, and really experience the luncheon,” said Chan. “After the event, I analyzed the numbers and realized that we need to decrease our costs if we wanted the fundraiser to be successful.”

By holding the event onsite, and all the cost-saving that came with it, SJCC+CS was able to raise ~$40k more than last year, which is almost a 55% increase over last year’s luncheon. The number of sponsors also more than doubled, as awareness continues to grow for SJCC+CS and its efforts to help grow San Jose’s leaders of tomorrow.

More than just providing its students a high school diploma and career opportunities, SJCC+CS has a special focus on careers that also give back to the community, through efforts like environmental conservation, and the construction/rehabilitation of affordable housing spaces. The school strives to instill in its students the work ethic, self-sufficiency, team building, and leadership skills needed to become responsible, productive, and caring citizens.

Paola Flores, a graduate of SJCC+CS, is embraced by Mark Lazzarini, Board Member at SJCC+CS, as she speaks to the crowd at the 2018 Spring Luncheon Celebration.

“Without the Corps, I’m not sure where I’d be,” said Paola Flores, a graduate of the charter school, now attending a local community college. Flores, who spoke at the luncheon, has also gone on to internships at the Corps' Recycling Department and Projects Department, and hopes to transfer to a university soon to pursue an education in social work.

Alan Ha, Recycling Director at SJCC+CS, speaks with attendees at the 2018 Spring Luncheon Celebration.

Alan Ha, Recycling Director at SJCC+CS, speaks with attendees at the 2018 Spring Luncheon Celebration.

Alan Ha, the Recycling Director at SJCC+SC, said corps members can engage in a variety of projects, related to sustainability and zero waste, while simultaneously enrolling in higher education and exploring work opportunities outside the organization.

“[SJCC+CS] helped me through some tough times in my life and always keeps pushing me to do better. They make me feel welcome, and even though I might stumble sometimes, they always tell me it’s never too late to find the right path,” said Flores.

Community programs like SJCC+CS exist all across the globe. After experiencing first-hand how impactful her involvement with the program could be, Chan made an effort to get other Verifone employees involved, whether it be through volunteering at or donating to this year’s luncheon.

Gi Lee, designer/photographer

Gi Lee, Designer at Verifone photographs the event.

“Seeing my coworkers volunteering at the event—one that we had been diligently planning for a while—was so inspiring, said Chan.  “It was the perfect amalgam of Verifone teamwork and community involvement.”

Whether it’s through one of our initiatives or something you’ve pursued independently, Verifone wants to recognize the great work our team does outside of the office and inspire others to do the same.  

How this impacts
Verifone and SJCC+CS
Our Youth
Our Community
David Barnes, a Verifone employee volunteers as a photographer for San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School's Annual Luncheon

How Verifone employees pitched in!

"It was a pleasure to experience and photograph. And yes, I can now appreciate why [Chan] is so passionate about the organization after seeing firsthand the impact the organization is making in those young people’s lives." David Barnes, Sr. Global Product Manager. David Barnes, Gi Lee, and Yun Liu donated their talents and volunteered as photographers and coworkers who couldn't attend gave monetary donations.

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Students from San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School

SJCC+CS envisions all young adults empowered by knowledge and skills that will allow them to

fulfill their potential and achieve personal and professional success. Statistics for 2016-17: $171,601 Americorps scholarships earned by 110 youth | 74,998 hours of paid job training by 240 youth | 395 solar modules installed by 32 youth in collaboration with industry professionals | 30% homeless | Avg number of high schools attended prior: 3 | Avg literacy level of incoming students: 6th-8th grade

Read SJCC+CS's Annual Report
Youth installing solar panels at  San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School

In addition to acquiring job skills and performing community service, our youth have triggered the

economic and environmental betterment of their communities through emergency flood response and clean-up in San Jose, trail construction at the County Parks, waste management services at dozens of public events, and solar photovoltaic installation at our campuses helping to reduce our reliance on the traditional energy grid. In 2016/17, SJCC+CS completed 169 projects that improve our communities' quality of life.

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