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Verifone Cloud Services

Verifone Cloud Services


At Verifone, it’s our mission to make it simple to revolutionize customer journeys by providing a single, unified, global platform that enables seamless payment experience – anywhere, anytime, with any payment method. We consistently solve the world’s most complex payment challenges, and there’s a reason why 46% of global non-cash transactions are processed on Verifone systems and solutions. This means that not only can we provide a wide array of globally popular physical payment terminals such as POS devices, kiosks, kitchen management systems, pump EMV, and more, but we also offer world-class Verifone Cloud Services, making us your trusted one-stop payments partner.

Verifone’s Cloud Services are a suite of products and services that create the ultimate safety net to empower you to run and grow your business, while making the complex world of payments simple and seamless.  Our Cloud Services provide you with everything you need to run your devices, securely collect and process payments, view device health and business insights across whole fleets of devices, empower Alternative Payment Methods, take and process global e-commerce and omnichannel payments, and more.

Here are a few of the services that are part of the Verifone Cloud Services suite:

Alternative Payment Methods:
Verifone Cloud Services enable merchants to offer alternative and local payment methods (APMs) for cross border and domestic payments as well as alternative financing. APM acceptance enables merchants of any size to tap into the global market, expand their omnichannel platform and provide an enriched, frictionless, and secure payment experience regardless of payment method – all from a single device.

Device Management:
Device Management, known as Verifone Headquarters (VHQ), acts as the central nervous system of your business. It connects all of your payment devices from anywhere around the globe and provides detailed feedback about how well devices are performing, whether they need updates or maintenance, and what kind of content they’re feeding consumers.

Device Diagnostics:
The "Care" dashboard provides estate level summaries of health by severity, software updates and version status, and device models and age status. Aggregated views provide immediate insights while intuitive widgets readily identify the health of software and hardware. Dashboard severity-based alerts enable merchants to quickly focus on top issues.

Device Search provides a targeted search of devices that returns a report with clear visual health indicators. Notifications are immediately generated and sent to subscribed users when critical events are detected. Special alert icons quickly identify the reported conflict providing the detail needed for quick resolution.

Verifone’s Cloud Services create the ultimate safety net.

Global eCommerce: 
All your transactions, any channel, in one place. Improve efficiencies and make better business decisions faster with access to in-store and online payments in a common format in a single portal. Through our omnichannel portal, in-store and online transactions are made available for analytics and reporting. Fully customizable checkout pages can be created quickly with the checkout tool. The platform combines deep data capabilities and hands-on payment management tools such as fraud prevention, tokenization, and wallet capabilities.

Payment Services:
Provide consumers with a seamless payment experience and run payment apps that add value to consumers—backed by Verifone’s world-class security on both fully integrated and semi-integrated EMV devices.

Verifone payment services provide a simple, secure, and flexible way to address any payment need. With access to Verifone’s world-class payment application, security technology, gateways and omnichannel services, merchants can focus on their business, not payments.

You know your business better than anyone. We know payments better than anyone. Leverage our expertise to provide a secure, flexible, reliable payment processing infrastructure so you can get back to doing what you do best. Verifone’s payment gateways provide an ultra-secure transaction-processing solution, delivering a fast, flexible, and scalable payments infrastructure all while ensuring that your data is fully protected. Secure, high-speed, connected platforms work to unify channels and help transcend global boundaries, and instant insights provide metrics to better understand when, where, and how your customers are making purchases.

Reporting & Analytics:
High-quality decisions require access to high-quality data. Merchants require not only fast and reliable payment processing, but also the ability to monitor and analyze their transactions whenever they want. Verifone’s transaction reporting solutions give merchants the flexibility to generate a wide variety of reports and analytical intelligence to improve their decision-making and business performance.

Our state-of-the-art commerce infrastructure gets results. Verifone’s high-speed gateways comply with PCI-DSS standards, support local requirements, and require minimal maintenance. Detailed analytics for organizations of all sizes, from individual businesses to large corporations, take the guesswork out of managing your company.

Built on a 38-year history of uncompromised security, we are the experts trusted by the biggest and best-known brands around the globe. It’s Verifone. It’s safe. Rest assured all levels of Verifone security, governance and PCI compliance are included in every asset of Verifone Cloud Services. From secure connectivity and communication to version and release management, merchants can be confident in their investment. If you’re ready to join the Verifone family, contact us today!

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