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Opening the Sales Channels

Make the Sale with Pay-by-Link

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As a merchant, you’re always looking for ways to satisfy ever-changing consumer behaviors, which have shifted immensely in recent years. Shoppers are demanding for an always-on experience, thanks to tech giants like Amazon, and that expectation has forever impacted the way consumers shop and how instantaneously they want their merchandise.

For some businesses, the sale isn’t fully realized until the customer has paid for their goods and services. Sometimes customers are unable to immediately go to a physical store to pay for goods, or to prepay for a service that will be rendered at a later time. These customers have the same demand for a convenient, connected experience, so how can you be sure your brand is reaching them too?

Enter Pay-by-Link, a hybrid eCommerce experience that makes every sales channel a saleable opportunity. Provide the ultimate convenience and instant gratification your customers want with the easy management of connected commerce your operation needs. With Pay-by-Link, merchants can extend their customer reach and accept payments via email, SMS, social, and many more to make any channel the checkout.

Service working holding up a phone with QR code to process payment via pay-by-link

Pay-by-link enables sales associates to collect payments for goods and services anywhere, anytime.

So how does it work? It’s easy as 1-2-3:

  1. The merchant uses Verifone Central, a single integrated platform, to generate a payment link.
  2. The merchant sends it to the customer through whatever channel they choose (email, SMS, social, etc.)
  3. The customer clicks the link and is redirected to a secure environment to finalize payment. Upon completion, the customer is redirected back to a URL decided by the merchant.


Done. Seriously - it’s that simple. Verifone Central even offers unified tracking and instant authorization capabilities all from one platform.

So what’s in it for you? The merchant benefits are clear:

  • Increased conversion rates.  Your customers are on the lookout receiving their payment link to complete the transaction, thus improving conversion rate and decreasing potential for fraud and chargebacks.
  • Secure payment links. Pay-by-Link has reduced PCI scope because the transaction is happening off-site. Combine that with available card validation and fraud preventative solutions and you’ll realize safe never looked so good.
  • Robust payment method acceptance. Offer familiar payment tenders online and in-store with Verifone’s growing certified library of advanced payment methods including Affirm, Alipay, Crypto, Klarna, PayPal, Venmo and WeChat on top of the usual debit, credit and private label schemes.
  • Minimal technical know-how. Your sales associates can easily create payment links and send to their customers for transactional processing all through an intuitive platform.
  • Low-cost solution for small businesses. With Pay-by-Link, process payments without the need for an online store. Offer your customers an online experience and start building your online presence.

Your customers are going to love it too. Here’s how it helps them:

  • Secure, fast and convenient way to pay. Your shoppers get a personalized experience with the comfort and familiarity of their own devices, on their own terms.
  • Preferred payment types. Your customers have the flexibility to pay the way they want to, using their preferred payment types that are most familiar to them.


Ready to take the next step to meet your customers wherever they are? Contact us today to enable Pay-by-Link for your operations and turn every customer interaction into a saleable opportunity

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