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In today's fast-paced, tech-driven business world, accepting payments has evolved to be more than just a simple transaction. A robust and resilient payment infrastructure and the services that are built on top of it now represent critical aspects of the customer journey and a key driver of competitive business growth. The right solution stack not only facilitates payments and offers the newest technology – it also provides additional layers of security and business management tools that empower merchants to run their business easier and more efficiently from every angle. As the payment landscape continues to transform at a rapid pace, having a payments partner – rather than simply a provider – can make all the difference in “just getting by” versus seeing your business thrive. That’s where we come in.  

We are the payments architects of robust payment ecosystems that shape unique customer experiences. From the complex global payment networks that fuel worldwide commerce down to the colorful street vendors and neighborhood bars, we know what it takes to help businesses succeed – and it takes more than just accepting payments. We provide powerful business management tools that position your business for stronger growth and deeper insights to maximize your bottom line.  



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We provide the tools that help you run your business easier and plan for a more successful future.

Here's just a few ways we help support your business from every angle:   

Consolidated Reporting and Deep Data Insights 

Every business would love to have a crystal ball that sees the future. While this technology unfortunately doesn’t exist (yet!), we offer the next best thing: truly understanding where you’ve been to inform where your business is headed next. Verifone's consolidated platform and centralized dashboard provides businesses with a streamlined interface for all things reporting, device diagnostics, back-office business management and more. Through the use of tokenization, merchants can pull deep data insights from every business touchpoint – digital, physical, and everything in between – and evaluate those reports all from a single, convenient location.We provide the tools that help you run your business easier and plan for a more successful future by understanding how your customers are interacting with your brand every step of the way.  

Monitor Device Health Easily, Everywhere 

You’ll notice we’re big on system synergy and unified commerce, and it’s no secret as to why. When systems are made to work together and communicate with each other, it equates to less time our merchants have to spend looking for the answers – and more time running their businesses better than the competition. Through the power of our Verifone Cloud Services, we provide a comprehensive terminal management system that gives merchants a complete overview of their entire estate – whether that’s one store or a global chain. Easily monitor the status of devices, schedule software updates, deploy remote key injections, and even deliver customized branded content to display on your devices during checkout for upselling and promotions. The ability to monitor and maintain the health of your entire fleet of payment devices has never been easier, and all from a single dashboard at that. Predictive analytics also help merchants proactively diagnose and resolve issues to keep their stores running smoothly and their customers satisfied, and merchants can rest assured that all levels of Verifone security, governance, and PCI compliance are built right in to protect your investment at every turn.  

Always There, Never in the Way 

Our solutions are engineered to keep your business up and running smoothly all day, every day. When something unexpected does happen, however, it’s important to have a partner that’s there to get your business back up and accepting payments fast. We offer support help desk services run by the technicians and engineers that know our solutions best, and it’s available 24/7/365 from all over the world. We also have a robust self-service web portal for easy access to device orders, repair requests, warranty status, and other helpful tools to keep you in the loop at any stage of any process. We also offer a priority exchange program that can get replacement devices to your business the very next day to keep operation impact at a minimum. No matter what support you need, we’ve got the resources – and the expertise – to keep your business growing even when the unexpected comes knocking.  

When it comes down to it, we’re in the business of making sure your business is successful. That’s how we make commerce happen everywhere at every scale, and it’s how we can empower your business to do the same. There’s more to payments than simply processing – get more out of payments with Verifone.  

Reach out to a representative today and see how we can tailor a solution stack that’s customized around your business goals.  

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