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Linea Comune & Firenzecard

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The Challenge
To simplify and streamline ticket sales and tourist payments at popular points of interest

Linea Comune was searching for a simple, smart, and economically sustainable technology solution in line with other popular tourist destinations

The city of Florence is famous around the globe for its artistic heritage and rich cultural sites.

Linea Comune, the company that manages local services for Florence, wanted to simplify and streamline each tourist’s visit, allowing visitors to avoid single-ticket sales and long queues for museums and exhibitions.

hours of access

Verifone worked with Linea Comune to create Firenzecard, a contactless card specifically for Florence tourists. For 72 hours, Firenzecard enables visitors to have one central point of access to all museums and monuments, as well as entry on city buses and trams. Once the tourist enters any museum, they can pick up and activate the card by tapping on Verifone’s touchscreen color VX 680. The same device manages sales and card replacements and integrates electronic payment applications.

To date, the solution has enabled 1.5 million unique visits to cultural sites, with 180,000 activated cards covering around 60 museums and monuments in the district. By tapping the contactless card, tourists can access any museum or monument without waiting in a queue. The solution is constantly growing, adding new and diverse cultural sites to access, while providing tourists with a positive customer experience.


Firenzecard gives tourists access to city museums, monuments, exhibitions and public transportation.

Verifone has helped improve tourism in Florence by launching Firenzecard with Linea Comune.  The solution benefits include:

  • A quick tap to access, no waiting time

  • Multiple services on the same contactless card

  • Portable touch- and color-screen device with contactless integration

  • Enhances the tourist experience