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Flypay & Wahaca

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The Challenge
To transform the restaurant payment experience

Restaurants in the UK needed to find new ways for their customers to pay without compromising the hospitality experience.

To overcome this challenge, mobile technology innovator Flypay tethers QR codes to table numbers as unique identifiers that retrieve customers' bills via mobile phone. For the Flypay app to facilitate payments, Flypay needed a partner to provide an integrated platform for reconciling and processing transactions, as well as consolidating centralized reports.

app to pay

Flypay is the market leader in innovative, state-of-the-art mobile technology for the hospitality industry. Its consumer suite of smartphone technology includes its award-winning Pay-at-Table service, which reduces restaurant payment times from an industry average of 10.2 minutes to one minute by enabling diners to order and pay using their smartphones. Delivering instant service and reduced wait times, Flypay increases table turnover and revenue. It also offers seamless branding, as well as  innovative personalization and loyalty tools.

Through Verifone’s managed payment service, the Flypay mobile app simplifies payment via an e-commerce transaction. Verifone’s state-of-the-art payment solution provides seamless integration and back-office functionality allowing Flypay to roll out a total restaurant payment solution to customers across the UK.

For quick, easy & simple mobile payments, Verifone’s platform enables the Flypay app.

The Verifone-enabled Flypay app is used to complement existing payment platforms to reduce queue times and offer a more efficient POS experience. It also ensures secure and seamless payment processing, which includes end-to-end encryption and tokenization. Additionally, a customizable web-based estate management and reporting system helps merchants manage their payment system effectively.

The combined solution has been live with the Wahaca chain since 2013. Customers can now view, split, and pay bills from a mobile phone, resulting in reduced transaction time and increased productivity for front-of-house teams. At the same time, by reconciling the transactions and generating detailed, centralized real-time reports, the solution also provides accurate and intelligent data to help Wahaca run its business more effectively.

How This Impacts

Boost efficiency

Enabling seamless payment processing for restaurants has helped Wahaca cut down on staff time when calculating and processing bills. By reconciling the transactions and generating centralized real-time reports, the solution also provides accurate statistics to help businesses run more effectively.

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Reduced Wait Times

With the ability to order and pay with the Flypay app, customers see reduced wait times and quicker service.

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