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Verifone Bangalore Community Outreach Success
Verifoners do amazing things in their communities

Verifone Bangalore CSR Success


Verifoners can do amazing things in their communities when they set their goal and work together.

Verifone Bangalore’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team recently organized an event to support children at schools they have ‘adopted’ and rescued pet animals at Prani Pet Sanctuary. It was all in partnership with the NGO – Jyothi Foundation.

250 children from more than 10 of these adopted government schools, along with over 65 employees, friends, and family members attended the event. “The Verifone turnout was very impressive, and the team should be proud of the impact they made,” said Human Resources Manager Afreen Mulla. “A big ‘thank you’ to the CSR Team for coordinating the effort.”

Our employees volunteered to manage the school children, help conduct the workshops, and also hosted children and teachers who traveled from afar at their homes. This event strengthened the connection of these children – from both rural and urban settings – with nature and the environment. Apart from the fun team activities, there was a workshop on the important steps and procedures to follow after a snake bite – a very relevant topic as many of the children live near the forest.

Keep up the good work, Bangalore!