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Payments Across All Your Channels, Driven by One Clever Platform

In the modern world, commerce can happen anywhere and anytime. Never miss a sale with an omnichannel platform that lets you operate flexibly across all your channels. Accept payments effortlessly and manage your combined online and in-store operations through a single intuitive interface.

Commerce that Adapts with Market Dynamics

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We Help Retailers Across All Verticals

We cover everything from payment devices and services to security and omnichannel commerce. 

Next-Generation Retail Experience

Charm visitors with in-person experiences that take a shopping visit from mundane to awesome. Use payment devices and services that make a memorable impact and boost the value of the average basket.

Offer in-aisle shopping options that enable shoppers to pay while still on the floor. Greet visitors with your entire product catalog on in-store kiosks, breaking the walls of the physical store with endless aisle solutions. Streamline store traffic and workforce costs with self-checkout devices. Empower your staff with mobile handheld devices to achieve line busting and faster checkouts.

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The Point of Sale as a Point of Loyalty

Generate more engagement at the time of payment by leveraging your own or third-party apps that boost shopper loyalty and increase your chances for repeat visits.

Equip your payment devices with value-added apps, like those for loyalty or store points. Give back more to the shopper and keep your brand their top pick in the category.

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Cross Channels and Go Omni

Leverage a single payment provider for all channel sales. Reduce the burden on customers and empower them to start a shopping journey at one touchpoint and conclude it on another channel.

Let shoppers order online and pick up in-store, or reserve in-store and have their purchases delivered at home. Or choose any other combination of omnichannel flow that your target audience prefers. Our tokenized payments ensure your customers are recognized from one channel to the next, making them feel welcomed and valued.

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Designed for Developers

Get more control and flexibility for your payment flows by using our API and connectors to manage every aspect of ordering.

  • API keys

    Simply obtain API keys from your Verifone Central dashboard.

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  • Connectors & plug-ins

    Connect to your webstore platform by following step-by-step walkthroughs.

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"payment_provider_contract": "30b711",
"amount": 0,
"auth_type": "PRE_AUTH",
"capture_now": false,
"fraud_protection_contract": "30b8711",
"fraud_protection_token": "N2ExZGI3YTgtNmYyNC00YmM1LWE1MWItY2VNDViMzRiazUzMi41NjQzNjM2NQ==",
"customer": "0a572ce",
"customer_ip": "",
"dynamic_descriptor": "string",
"merchant_reference": "7a140",
"threed_authentication": {
"eci_flag": "02",
"enrolled": "Y",
"cavv": "stringstringstringstringstri",
"cavv_algorithm": "string",
"pares_status": "A",
"xid": "string",
"threeds_version": "1.0.2",
"ds_transaction_id": "string",
"signature_verification": "Y",
"verification": [],
"error_desc": "string",
"error_no": "string",
"additional_data": {}
"stored_credential": {
"stored_credential_type": "SIGNUP"
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