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Truly Impressive In-Person Payment Solutions

Paying for goods and services is a key part of the customer experience – and your opportunity to shine. Build stronger relationships with your shoppers with payment devices that offer an engaging and seamless payment experience. Turn the mundane into the truly memorable.

Wow Them from the First Step in Their Shopping Journey

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We Help Retailers Across All Verticals

Need help getting started? We cover everything from payment devices and services to security and omnichannel commerce. 

Let Customers Pay How They Want

Gone are the days when cash and cheques ruled the register. Modern customers prefer to pay for purchases with their mobile devices, using their advanced payment methods (APMs) of choice, including digital wallets, prepaid cards and BNPLs.

Let shoppers complete the purchase at the POS with any payment method they like. We empower you to accept all popular APMs and ensure swiftly authorized transactions. 

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Get More Value from Store Traffic

Leverage loyalty schemes at the point of sale in-store, showcased by vibrant, rich, full-color displays on payment devices. Keep your shoppers coming back for more.

Make the point of sale an engaging, memorable experience for shoppers. Loyalty apps can enrich your customers’ journeys and increase their lifetime value to your business. They also empower you to collect more data for greater insights.

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Manage Your Estate with Ease

Have your entire device estate managed and monitored from a single interface. The Device Management dashboard in your Verifone Central platform gives you access to the tools needed to rapidly deploy and check your POS’s.

Seamlessly configure and troubleshoot devices remotely, push different apps to your in-store hardware, and have performance metrics at hand for the entire estate at all times.

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Designed for Developers

Use our API, webhooks and SDKs, for streamlined dev work. We integrate with the great part of large commerce solutions and our documentation includes clear walkthroughs for all tasks.

  • API authentication

    Authenticate in one of 2 ways within the REST API calls, either through basic authentication or bearer authentication.

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  • Tokenization

    Tokenize the cardholder data through API following our step by step instructions.

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