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ip adresses

Nye IP adresser på ALLE Vepp og Paypoint terminaler


Dear Verifone customer

In preparation for a planned  environment upgrade, please be aware that the datacentre IP space used by Verifone to service payments over the internet will be changing. Customers must take steps now to prepare their network to allow such connectivity.

Verifone will control the terminal parameter updates, and integrations, however, customer networks may require firewall or routing changes to ensure new services in the network ( are available over your internet service. All destination addresses use port 443 as before.

Please implement any changes needed to make the New IP’s listed below available from your Local Area Network. For example, firewall whitelisting to allow traffic from your LAN to the relevant IP’s in the range Old IP’s are listed as a reference point. Please ensure you have permitted connectivity by Friday 20th January 2023.

Note the new IP’s are not live at this stage. Further notifications will take place in January 2023 regarding the parameter/integration changes.

Old IP

New IP



Norwegian Market

Terminal traffic -  Vepp – P400/V400m/V400c



eCom – NO

Terminal traffic - NO with Paypoint terminals

Terminal traffic - NO with Paypoint terminals


All Markets

VeriFone EAI

CMS Cobra



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