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Leveling The Playing Field

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Executive Summary
Verifone’s new features and technology are leveling the playing field for small and large-size businesses

Giving the merchant the power to customize their own payment experience.

This year, more people will be using their phones to pay for items at checkout. This year, foot traffic to stores will be down nearly 10%. This year, online and in-store brand consistency will be a new table stake.

The commerce landscape is changing. Until recently, the ability to accommodate these changes was nearly impossible. Huge, tier 1 businesses could invest millions in making customized payment terminals, but the little guys were left in the dirt.

Verifone is changing this. We’ve brought the capability of customizing the payment experience to everyone. Now, creating consistency between your online and in-store experiences is effortless and cost-effective. You can add a mobile wallet loyalty program over the weekend! You can download a customer satisfaction app to your payment device! Or, you can build an app yourself.

We’re not only giving smaller merchants the freedom to compete with the big guys in this changing landscape, we’re giving them the freedom to run their businesses on their own terms—to create the features, design, and experiences of their choosing. With our new hardware and value-added services, the field is officially leveled. Now, go play.