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Enterprise Retail / Mobile Payments / VX 680

Money One Click Away

João Girardi
General Manager, Portugal
Executive Summary
In Portugal, mobile payments are growing, and NFC may be soon be their method of choice.

The number of Portuguese using mobile devices for purchases is growing. According to data from ACEPI (Associação da Economia Digital), in 2017 m-commerce will account for 4 billion euros, representing 2.5% of the Portuguese GDP.

2.5 %
of Portuguese GDP is from m-commerce

Technology companies, financial institutions, and mobile operators are developing secure payment solutions and many believe that NFC (near field communication) will be a winner in the mobile payments sector. They’re faster and more effective effective for consumers and merchants with no time to waste.

Mobile payment enterprise solutions offer greater efficiency in managing a business, reducing manual labor costs, and increasing throughput (speed of service)--all of which affect financial results.

In Portugal, Caixa Crédito Agrícola bank (CA) adopted Verifone’s VX 680, a portable and mobile device specifically adapted to the needs of marketers, who wish to use a mobile payment terminal. This allows consumers to make contactless payments and provides merchants with fast processing operations (e.g. transaction time), security compliance, reliability, and strength and durability of the equipment.