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Verifone Commander EF

For faster forecourt transactions.

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Fastest Transaction Times

Impressive transaction speed in complex environments, with multiple dispenser types and loyalty programs, media, and mobile payment running at once.


Ease of Integration

Commander EF utilizes standards from IFSF and Conexxus for payment, forecourt control, loyalty and mobile payments, ensuring connection with any POS.


Security at the Highest Level

Commander EF is certified across all dispenser types, payment networks and oil brands. Increase transaction speed capabilities and efficiency of fueling, payment, security and store control.

Driving speed and convenience.

Benefit from Verifone’s industry-leading support for payment networks, loyalty programs and mobile payments.
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Verifone Commander site controller

Easy Integration

  • Standards from IFSF and Conexxus

  • Add New Loyalty and Mobile Payment Providers Quickly and Seamlessly

Scalable to Grow with Your Business

  • Powerful and Scalable Processor


Flexible and Secure

  • Certified Across All Dispenser Types, Payment Networks and Oil Brands

  • Vast Network of Certified Payment, Mobile Payment and Loyalty Partners Across the Industry

Used By Merchants Across Industries

Gas station fueling while holding phone young man scanning a juice bottle in convenience store Petroleum retailers Convenience retailers Gas station fueling while holding phone young man scanning a juice bottle in convenience store Petroleum retailers Convenience retailers
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Flexible Controller to Manage Your Site

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Verifone Commander EF?

    Verifone Commander EF is a site controller designed specifically for the fuel and convenience retail industry that enables businesses to efficiently manage fuel and merchandise sales, as well as accept various payment methods securely and conveniently.

  • How does Verifone Commander EF enhance security and compliance?

    Verifone Commander EF prioritizes security and compliance to protect both businesses and customers. It incorporates various security features:

    • EMV Compliance: The system supports EMV chip card technology, which provides enhanced security for card-present transactions and helps prevent fraudulent activities.
    • PCI DSS Compliance: Verifone Commander EF adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ensuring that businesses meet industry requirements for secure payment processing.
  • What are some of the features the Verifone Commander EF offer?

    Verifone Commander EF empowers businesses with comprehensive fuel management capabilities. It enables management of multiple fuel types, tracks inventory, sets pricing, and seamlessly integrates with fuel dispensers for smooth transactions. Moreover, Commander EF supports a wide range of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, fleet cards and contactless payments. Unlock more from your Commander EF with C-Site Management.

Device Specifications

It’s Verifone. It’s safe.

Commander EF

For fast forecourt transactions


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    1 × USB 3.1 Port
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    Communications: 8x RJ-45
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    HDD or SSD, 120 GB or Greater
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    Secure real-time Linux
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    Backup Battery

End-to-End Solutions

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    Integrated POS

    Verifone C18 is a comprehensive POS solution for convenience retail and petroleum. It combines hardware and software to provide a seamless and secure point-of-sale experience for businesses, and is designed to handle payments without the
    need to recertify existing POS applications.

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    Foodservice Solutions

    Our robust foodservice offering allows your customers to place an order online or through an interactive kiosk in-store.

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    Verifone C-Site Management

    Configure, manage and monitor every aspect of your convenience store through a single pane of glass. Easily integrate into your Commander Site Controller to maintain site ID, site name(s), easily customize dashboards and more.

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