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Verifone Flex

Made for your business needs

  • Maximum security

    A complete data security solution.
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    PCI compliant

    Full PCI compliance means you are protected.
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    Detailed reporting

    Use business intelligence to improve business performance.
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Turnkey simplicity with the flexibility to reach multiple processors.

The flexible design connects merchants to multiple processors via Verifone’s payment gateway, providing a truly end-to-end solution. Merchants not only have access to a high-speed, secure transaction processing platform for various payment types, they can also gain valuable insights about their business using Verifone’s comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools.

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Multiple connections

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Comprehensive Reporting


Like all Verifone solutions, Verifone Flex is an EMV-certified and PCI-compliant, subscription-based service that removes payment logic from the POS, limiting PCI & PA-DSS exposure. Supported by both encryption and tokenization, plus access to comprehensive estate management tools and world-class help desk support, you have the tools, the security and the support you need.

EMV & PCI Compliant

Limits PCI & PA-DSS exposure

Subscription Based

Solution Sets
How Verifone Flex helps create
End-to-End Solutions
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The encryption process obscures account data, encoding it so that it cannot be understood without the corresponding decryption system.


Tokenization completely removes sensitive data from your internal networks, replacing it with a unique identifier, called a token.

Estate Management

Estate Management software allows you to centrally manage all of your payment devices no matter where they’re located.

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