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Global eCommerce

Accept online payments wherever your customers may be

  • Provide the Perfect Journey

    Create a smooth journey for shoppers by providing a seamless buying experience across all sales channels, all devices, while keeping your brand visible throughout the shopping journey.
  • Prevent Fraud & Stay Compliant

    Prevent fraud during every step of the checkout process while ensuring your business is PCI and PA DSS compliant. Verifone’s Global eCommerce solutions provide the levels of security you need relative to your choice of integration.
  • Simplify eCommerce Management

    Take it easy! Integrate a checkout solution that is as easy to set up as it is to manage. Select the solution that works for your business, your timeframe, and your team - out-of-the-box easy or create your own ordering experience with eCommerce APIs.
Global eCommerce Solutions
3 online payment screen interfaces

Create a seamless and secure payment experience.

A quick, easy, and secure way to start accepting online payments without extensive web development, our Hosted Checkout solutions are easy to integrate and offer merchants multiple options. The pre-built forms and links allow you to quickly get your site up and running while Verifone securely manages the transactional data outside of your systems - saving you valuable time, money and resources. All come complete with powerful reporting tools making your eCommerce management easy, insightful, and profitable! Perfect for SMB or enterprise operations.

easy integration

Quick go-to-market

little to no development

Want more customization and management of your customer journey? Verifone’s eCommerce API is a merchant-hosted solution built on Verifone REST architecture that enables merchants to securely accept online and mobile payments while maintaining complete control of the customer’s checkout experience. Create a smooth, immersive journey for shoppers across all sales channels, all devices while keeping your brand visible throughout the journey. Offer new Advanced Payment Methods to increase customer satisfaction, conversion, and retention. Benefit from scalability - as your business grows, there is no need to worry about outgrowing your API – grow locally, grow globally! A perfect fit for large enterprise operations.




Virtual Terminal is also an out-of-the-box payment interface and can be used to process mail order and telephone order (MOTO) card transactions on behalf of customers through Verifone’s Central Portal.  Process credit card transactions manually, initiate refunds and set up recurring payments in real-time. This payment solution provides for secure storage of card data, improved accessibility for processing MOTO, and is easy to use for sales and support reps to accept payments in card-not-present environments.  Virtual Terminal allows you to capture these CNP transactions without the need for a website.  And, with quick, intuitive reconciliation using the downloadable reports, you can easily manage your eCommerce solution. Virtual Terminal is suited for both SMBs that want to expand into the online channel and enterprise operations that want additional payment options or backup to existing systems for business continuity.

out-of-the-box easy


reporting tools

woman sitting on the floor w/laptop

Verifone’s Global eCommerce solutions help merchants provide the perfect Omnichannel experience.

eCommerce Protection Solutions
Fraud protection for your business and your bottomline.
Detection | Authentication | Tokenization
Fraud Detection

Reduce fraudulent activity with seamless, smart pre-authorization decisioning that keeps the checkout experience frictionless and reduces cart abandonment.

3-D Secure Authentication

3DS Authentication allows a cardholder to authenticate their identity to prevent payment fraud, obstruct unauthorized transactions, and decreases chargebacks.

Card Tokenization

Enable secure and simple omnichannel commerce by tokenizing sensitive card data. Tokenization keeps customers protected and reduces the scope and burden of PCI & PA DSS compliance.

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