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Employee Highlight

Meet Bill Baldwin

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Working at Verifone
Employee Highlight Bill Baldwin, Systems Integration Engineering Software Manager

Meet Bill Baldwin

Systems Integration Engineering Software Manager Verifone Atlanta

“I’ve been with Verifone for about 20 years, and I have transitioned through six different roles and teams, starting as a QS tech, all the way to my current position of managing our system integration team. This team works directly with our customers to deliver, customize and support our software solutions. Getting to work directly with our customers and then go out into the world and use the real-life solutions that I helped create or implement is deeply satisfying. While I have been in the payments industry for 30 years, the bulk of that tenure has been with Verifone because management has always prioritized my desires to grow and evolve my career. Over the years I have seen some challenges arise that require coordination from a huge number of people across nearly all departments, all the way up to our CEO making personal visits and phone calls, and it has been rewarding to see the whole company pull together to solve these challenges quickly and with a cohesive and positive attitude.”