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Integrated POS


Point of sale solutions for a connected world.

Verifone's family of integrated POS solutions helps merchants manage their business and drive revenue by providing personalized, meaningful customer experiences beyond just accepting payments.

Made for your business needs

  • Integrated

    Innovative design merges POS and terminal capabilities into one solution, reducing countertop footprint and boosting functionality.
  • Business Solutions

    Customize your device with business management tools and customer-facing apps that help move your business forward.
  • Flexible usage

    Whether you are a small business owner, have multiple sites, or are a large enterprise, we have systems to fit!

Flexible, innovative, and revenue-generating, we have the perfect solution for convenience stores of any size. Choose from POS systems that integrate into powerful site controllers or POS systems with integrated site control. Our POS systems are PCI compliant, EMV ready, and provide convenience retailers the power to do more at the point of sale.

  • Self-Checkout, Verifone point of sale , C18. Convenience Stores, C-Store POS, C18 POS, C18, Commander Site Controller.

    C18 Self-Checkout

    The C18 Self-Checkout offers added convenience to any retail operation.

  • Verifone point of sale, RubyCi, Touchscreen, Convenience store POS, site controller


    All-in-One Point of Sale and Site Controller

  • Ruby2, Ruby2 Touch POS, Convenience Store POS, C-Store POS, Touch Solution


    All-Touch POS solution for convenience stores.

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