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Verifone and Ikea Israel

Devika Goel
Public Relations Manager
Executive Summary
Verifone & Ikea Israel Enable Seamless Shopping Experiences for Customers

As the world’s leading home furnishings retailer, Ikea understands how important it is to provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience the moment they set foot in any of their stores. Retailers often struggle to deliver on a crucial part of that experience at the point of sale (POS) if they’re unable to provide the payment options that their customers desire or if checkout lines run too long. Since Ikea takes pride in being a highly advanced retail company that’s always seeking new technology, they looked to Verifone to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers and deliver the caliber of experience those customers expect

Today’s consumer wants to be able to pay by whatever means they prefer, be it with a card, contactless device, gift card or EMV chip. Customers may prefer to avoid traditional checkout lanes entirely to use a self-service checkout counter at their leisure. Being able to provide these options on a secure platform that is still flexible enough to easily adapt to future changes and trends is paramount. Verifone not only addressed these needs but has readied Ikea with a solution for their stores in Israel that can be quickly and easily implemented throughout all other stores across the globe.

By creating a forward-thinking solution, Verifone has enabled Ikea Israel to swiftly and effortlessly provide their customers with a payment experience that is simple, quick and easy. While currently able to accept magnetic cards and contactless payments, the solution Ikea chose starts with payment devices already equipped to receive EMV chip cards so that once the cards are standardized throughout the country, they will already be set to support it from day one.

While checkout and self-service lanes benefit from this increase in functionality, every other aspect integrated with the POS is evolving as well. Verifone’s solution not only keeps Ikea outside of expanding PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) scope but it also positions the company to use evolving omni-channel functionality along with e-commerce capabilities in the future.

Omni-channel capability will allow Ikea Israel to seamlessly integrate their online and in-store channels to receive historically unavailable consumer information that will enable us to further strengthen their brand to craft even greater unique and streamlined experiences. And it’s these experiences that will continue to keep Ikea Israel at the head of their market.