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Paying by tapping credit card on the Verifone e280s
Securing the Sale with SAF. Take Payments Consistently.

Store and Forward Whitepaper

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In a typical semi-integrated or standalone configuration, where the payment capture and authorization are managed between the Verifone payment device and the payment gateway or host. The Verifone payment device must be able to communicate with the gateway or host over the local network and internet to provide the transaction details and card data to the host and to receive the host’s response (typically, approve or decline).  But this communication’s pathway is not always guaranteed and may be intermittent or down for reasons such as:

  • Power outages
  • Internet service provider outages
  • Local network issues (firewall configuration or issues, Wi-Fi AP issues)
  • Gateway or host outages


The ability to take payments consistently and reliably is key, so Verifone has developed the Store and Forward (SAF) capability to enable payment processing even in the event of temporary network, internet, or payment gateway or host outages.

Don't hinder your stores from securing the sale. Download the Verifone Store and Forward whitepaper to learn more.

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