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VISTA framework Part 1

Reinvigorating Commander

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James Hervey
Director, Product Management, Global Petroleum Solutions

The face of retail is changing; every day we see more selfcheckout devices in more stores, hear stories about cashierless stores, and shop at stores where we can complete transactions on our own phones. In the fuel and convenience retail world, we face the challenge of integrating these new checkout and payment methods using an infrastructure that continues to support the legacy store control environment,including fueling equipment, legacy device connectivity, and the existing communications infrastructure.

This year at VCF 2018, Verifone introduced the VISTA framework, which leverages Commander’s robust architecture and make it available to new frictionless checkout options. The VISTA Framework uses the intelligence in Commander as the primary sales engine, while the new devices handle the “user experience” functionality. The VISTA framework allows a cashiering device to present information about items being purchased, handle sales for those items, as well as interface to local devices such as scanners, printers, etc. The VISTA  Framework allows for the off-loading of the heavy, table-driven transaction processing to the Commander. Additionally, the VISTA Framework utilizes the electronic payment server (EPS) core on the Commander Site Controller to ensure consistency and security of electronic payments. The VISTA framework has a number of key benefits, including the following:

  • Enables the introduction of new cashiering devices quickly
  • Supports tailoring of apps on different types of hardware designed for different kinds of checkout
  • Supports any electronic payment transactions the site supports, at any pay-point including mobile payments
  • Allows for full loyalty integration


Throughout the summer we will be introducing several of the new products that utilize the VISTA framework including:

  • Carbon Self-Checkout – A “built for purpose” selfcheckout application built exclusively for the convenience store market
  • Ruby Rover Line Buster – A roving cashiering device that leverages Verifone’s PCI-compliant e355 payment terminal and an iPad that includes a completely redesigned user interface
  • Carbon Commander Workstation – a POS terminal application using our Carbon hardware platform designed for alternative profit centers inside a convenience stores, such as coffee shops and delis 
  • Attendant Payment Terminal – A specialty payment terminal designed for full-service sites with attendants, allowing fueling attendants to be able to authorize pumps and process payments on a portable handheld device


The Commander Site Controller is the bedrock for Verifone’s Petroleum and Convenience Retail platform. The VISTA framework, along with the innovative products that work in conjunction with Commander, are great examples of how Commander’s architecture is the ideal launch pad for additional products, tools and services. Stay tuned as more developments utilizing the flexible VISTA framework are unveiled.

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