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Verifone Convenience Store POS Model C18
Shaping the Future of C-stores

Introducing the C18

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Convenience store gas station models have become more than a place where consumers get gas, cigarettes and lottery tickets. While fuel sales are of course a major part of c-store income, even bigger profit-makers lie in the stores: offering convenience items to everyday shoppers and increasing your bottom line. C-stores are leveling the playing field, no longer competing with just other gas stations and c-stores, they are competing with grocery stores, pharmacies and even fast-food restaurants. A majority now offer full menus of hot and cold quality food, fresh produce, or other products and services you wouldn’t have seen at a gas station in the past. 

There are several challenges in meeting these new consumer expectations. Enticing customers to come inside can be tough, increased labor needs raise costs, and service and payment acceptance have to be faster and more flexible than ever. 

We know that bad experiences drive customers away. As merchants, you try and mitigate this at all costs, from ensuring proper staffing, to installing self-checkouts to offset the long queues. Let’s face it, shaving off a few seconds at the checkout is necessary, as it allows you to help the next guest quickly. According to a recent survey, ease of checkout and payments play a huge factor for 82% of consumers. 25% of consumers will ditch a line if they need to wait two minutes. This number goes up to 73% if the wait times is five minutes or more. What’s worse is it only takes one bad experience for 17% of customers to walk away and never come back. All of these points add up to show that faster throughput and short queues are essential to achieving overall customer satisfaction. 

Verifone Convenience Store POS Model C18
73 %
of consumers will leave a line with a 5 minute wait.

So what is the answer, how do you choose a point of sale solution that can help you transform your in-store experience? A POS that not only can help increase engagement for your customers, but also enable your site attendants to process customers quickly and satisfactorily? Introducing Verifone’s latest POS machine, the C18. Perfectly engineered with the modern convenience store in mind, the C18’s sleek design not only suits your stores’ aesthetics, but also packs a punch with the latest developments and enhancements to any modern POS. The C18 empowers you to improve customer service, raise staff productivity, speed up throughput times, and increase sales.  

The newest, most powerful countertop point-of-sale (POS) for convenience stores has unsurpassed functionality and versatility. C18’s user interface is made for today’s cashiers serving customers who want a frictionless experience. The brilliant, high definition screen is easy on the eyes. At an impressive 18.5 inches, there is abundant real estate for your sales needs. Pallets can be customized for fuel, operations, video security, and other utilities that you need to track, and is even ideal for foodservice operations. Engineered for rugged reliability, C18’s expanded functionalities to grow with your business.

Verifone Convenience Store POS Model C18

The C18 improves customer service, speed up throughput times, and increase sales.


  • Modern design with user in mind
  • Customizable pallets for productivity
  • Increases transaction throughput
  • Seamlessly integrates with Commander
  • Gesturing and multitouch for quicker input
  • Save on labor cost with self-checkout
  • Futureproof solution
  • Reporting for simplified management


Modern and Convenient Features Include:

  • Plug and play device out-of-the-box for easy installation
  • Accepts all the latest payment types and offers new commerce opportunities
  • Smoothly integrated with other system components and peripherals
  • System architecture designed to handle payments without the need to recertify existing POS applications
  • Unique status light ring can change color to indicate status of system or provide alerts
  • Built-in hardware diagnostics consisting of a “Soft Reset” that allows for a graceful recovery from a system problem
  • Gesturing and multi-touch enable easy navigation and quicker input
  • Pallets can be customized for fuel, operations, video security and other utilities that you need to track
  • Harness the Power of Commander


Details the Matter:

  • Processor: 7th Generation Intel Celeron 2.2 GHz, scalable to 3.5 GHz Core i7 
  • Operating System: Available in Linux and Windows
  • Camera, speaker, microphone, audio jack
  • Optional features include a rugged 120 full travel keyboard, increased mass storage size (4GB DDR4 RAM standard, scalable to 32 GB), and biometric reader for login
  • Consumer display – 18.5” full HD high-brightness display, capacitive touchscreen with high-transmissivity anti-glare glass


For more information on the C18, please click here. To contact us about making a purchase, please contact us!

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