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The Era of the Savvy Shopper

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Executive Summary
It’s time to say goodbye to a fragmented shopping experience—and to wasted minutes at checkout. 

Shoppers today are cozying up to the convenience and comfort of online shopping, seeking that same sense of familiarity in store—usually to their disappointment. It’s an era of swift decision-making—of “browse in person, buy online.”

Now, it’s up to merchants to meaningfully engage shoppers, better utilize their time at the checkout, and close the gap between online and in-store shopping. 

But merchants don’t have to shoulder this responsibility alone. Verifone provides a secure, yet open, digital ecosystem to innovatively connect people, products, and services.

Say hello to Verifone Commerce Platform.

Small and large retailers can now customize the point of sale with creative apps that appeal to both their consumers and their brands. Merchants now have the power to positively impact the checkout experience, to engage consumers when, where, and how they prefer. 

With apps that foster convenience and provide more personalized interactions, Verifone Commerce Platform allows consumers to get more out of in-store—to enjoy a point-of-sale experience that goes beyond just payment.