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Designing for Humans

Editorial Board
Executive Summary
We set out to create a new suite of payment devices that:

Would be easier to operate, require less training, and provide an overall better experience for customers.

Designed for the Contemporary World

Introducing Verifone Engage, our new family of interactive, next-generation terminals. Within this family we have PIN pads, multi-lane devices, countertop devices, and portables—some with touchscreens and some without. But despite their differences, all of them have a very similar UI experience. Through listening to our clients, we were able to determine how to construct a navigation system that better prioritizes what people actually use most.

Designed for Your True Colors

After giving our Engage devices beautiful, full-color screens, we saw an opportunity to allow businesses to modify the look to better fit their brands. Merchants now have the option to insert logos, their own brand colors, and even motion graphics into the interface for a more customized and holistic commerce experience.

Designed for the Future

This effort extends beyond just these terminals. Our new design initiative is indicative of the new Verifone philosophy: We build products for human beings. We identify problems in the real world, and we find elegant and innovative solutions for those problems. To further reduce training time and promote ease of use, we’re applying this new UI to all future Verifone devices.