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Carbon Expands to Israel

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Executive Summary
Carbon's Footprint Expands to Israel

Our sleekest, most sophisticated payment device is now available to merchants in Israel-bringing the small business engine to a region rooted in advanced tech.

Following a successful in-store pilot program, we recently announced a commercial rollout of Verifone Carbon in Israel. Israeli merchants, who operate in a fast-growing financial technology ecosystem, required a payment solution that can keep up with the pace.

“Technology is moving quickly in Israel, and the POS has been ready to evolve on a device platform that can deliver services and enhance sales with interactive and supportive experiences for the consumer,” said Dan Soffer, VP Service, EEMEA and GM of Verifone Israel. “With Verifone Carbon, merchants gain a powerful solution to securely accept all types of payments and create programs to build customer loyalty and revenue.”

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It conveys prestige.

Ofir Frishberg

UgaUga, a pastry and coffee shop in Tel Aviv, participated in the pilot program, which began on February 6, 2017. Owners Ofir Frishberg and Limor Hershkovitz wanted a POS that could accommodate the changes they saw taking place all around them. They needed a device with enhanced merchant capabilities, but they also understood the importance of offering value-added services to their customers.

“We live in a technological world,” said Frishberg. “And I thought it could be very nice if our cash register was also technologically advanced.”

Long regarded as a country that innovates and influences technology, Israel has rapidly grown into a telecommunications hub—a world leader in computer and mobile tech.

In Carbon, these two shop owners found a solution for everything they needed to run their business specifically, a POS that embraces smart technology. “We accept secure payments and offer our customers a unique experience based on their preferences and buying habits,” noted Hershkovitz. Frishberg likes how detaching the device from its base allows her to take the point of sale tableside, streamlining payment acceptance away from the counter.

“It conveys prestige,” added Frishberg. “Verifone Carbon is simply everything we need for interacting with customers, whether on its stand or in our hands.”

On the heels of a successful pilot, Carbon is ready to expand its reach in the region. Merchants in Israel can greatly benefit from POS technology that leads to better business efficiency, functionality, and user experiences—not to mention security features like EMV acceptance.

The deployment of Verifone Carbon in Israel opens the door for launches in other international regions. As the number of countries benefitting from Carbon’s advanced capabilities grows, the world of connected commerce grows with it.