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Drink Command Beer Wall

Better Service, On Tap

Alex Shorter
Senior Communications Manager, Verifone

Taverns, sporting events, and festivals are just some of the entertainment venues increasingly using technologies leveraged by major retailers to enhance customer experiences and improve operational efficiency. Quenching these venues’ growing thirst for differentiating innovation is Drink Command. At this year’s BarTechLive Expo in London, Drink Command showcases its integration with Verifone to demonstrate a new self-service beer system that allows customers to pour and pay for their drinks directly at the beer tap.

The University of Reading is the latest innovative operator to use Drink Command and Verifone to improve customer service and operational efficiency in its venues. Powered by Verifone’s full-scale payment-as-a service (PaaS) offering, the draft wall makes drink selection and payment easy for customers. 

“Our 16 tap self-serve beer wall has allowed us to increase our capacity to serve more customers and hold our existing staff levels by giving patrons the option to order from the bar or serve themselves at their leisure,” said Matt Tebbit, Head of Residential Catering and Bars at The University of Reading.

“There is a change of mind-set happening in the beer dispense industry, similar to how self-serve technology has improved the way we buy petrol for our cars, or how supermarkets have improved queuing times with self-scan checkouts,” said Robbie Ward, Marketing Director at Drink Command. “By focusing on beer industry pain points such as capacity and payment issues at busy venues, we have created a solution with Verifone that is being adopted by the beer industry at scale.”

man in front of taps
Our 16 tap self-serve beer wall has allowed us to increase our capacity to serve more customers
Matt Tebbit The University of Reading

"Consumer expectations are radically changing. They prefer spending money on events, or 'experiences,' but demand the speed of service they've grown accustomed to online," said Kevin Freeguard, Vice President and Managing Director, Verifone UK and Ireland. “While Drink Command helps hospitality venues meet customers’ evolving demands in an innovative way, Verifone addresses payment complexity with a full-scale solution with the services they need.”

Venues throughout the U.K. and Ireland can now install Drink Command’s self-service draft beer system to reduce queues, improve speed of service and enable patrons to pay with contactless, NFC and other payment methods at the tap. And, with PaaS from Verifone, which includes payment devices, gateway services, estate management and device monitoring, venues can focus more on their businesses, instead of worrying about managing their payment systems.