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C-Store Devices & Solutions

Foodservice Kiosk

Verifone's self-order kiosk with kitchen management system gives convenience retailers a competitive edge.

23% of Convenience Store Revenue is From F&B Sales

Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

To withstand fierce competition, convenience stores are offering a wide variety of foodservices. Customers are demanding foods for immediate consumption, healthy selections, and more personalized choices. Our self-order kiosk and kitchen management system gives customers more control of their food selection while delivering faster service with greater accuracy.

Made-to-order foodservice

  • Seamless Integration

    Self-order kiosks are integrated with your Verifone POS system, and interface with your back-office system for easy reporting.
  • Increase Upsells

    A kiosk never forgets to offer upsells or LTO's. Customers can shop instead of waiting in line. The typical customer order cycle presents an average of three upsell opportunities.
  • Streamline Operations

    Verifone's Kitchen Management Systems efficiently enhance employee productivity and increase order accuracy, all in a timely manner.
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