Image of gas pumps. Commander EF. Forecourt Transactions.
For fast forecourt transactions

Commander EF

Increase speed of transactions

  • Fastest transaction times

    Impressive transaction speed in complex environments, with multiple dispenser types and loyalty programs, media, and mobile payment running at once.
  • Ease of integration

    Commander EF utilizes standards from IFSF and Conexxus for payment, forecourt control, loyalty, and mobile payments, ensuring connection with any POS.
  • Built for purpose hardware

    Combining Commander's hardware and state-of-the-art forecourt and electronic payments software to deliver a total solution that maximizes uptime.
Gas pump image. Commander EF. Forecourt Transactions.

Commander EF drives speed and convenience ̶̶ the two power sources for success.

Commander EF supports more payment types and loyalty programs than any other forecourt controller and electronic payments server. With this solution, any POS can take advantage of Verifone’s industry-leading support for payment networks, loyalty programs and mobile payments.

Seamless integration

scalable processors. Forecourt Transactions, Commander EF.

Scalable processors

Expandable memory

Gives convenience store owners tremendous flexibility in supporting their business. Commander EF accelerates all in-store operations, including the back office. It is also accepted across all networks and oil brands, making it seamless to add new partners. Commander EF supports up for four different loyalty providers that can be configured to operate at the same time.


Expansion capabilities

Low cost of ownership




8 RJ-45/RS-232 serial ports with optional software-controlled 12V DTR power | Diagnostic Panel for fast debugging


1 × USB 2.0 ports; 2 × 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 16 × RS-232 Serial Ports, scalable to 24 ports


0° C to 40° C operating temperature, -20° C to 60° C, 15% to 95% relative humidity at 40º C

Operating System

Secure real-time Linux, backup battery for power loss protection


14.75" W × 6.25" H × 16" L


2.10 GHz Intel Core i3-2310E CPU, scalable to Intel Core i7


8GB solid state mass storage plus 160GB hard drive scalable to 1TB hard drive

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