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Verifone M424

Beautifully designed for the multilane experience, deliver a dynamic and engaging customer experience.

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Big Benefits – Smaller Footprint

Beautifully designed, the M424 provides an engaging payment experience for your customers in a minimized footprint.

Engaging from the Start

Deliver a compelling payment experience for your customers as you enjoy advanced commerce and personalization capabilities.

Experience Omnichannel

Add Verifone Cloud Services to create connected in-store, in-app and online experiences for your customers, enhancing the customer journey as you realize the rewards of a connected estate.

Any payment. Any scenario. Always connected.

Select powerful options from Verifone's Cloud Services to create your omnichannel ecosystem.
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Verifone M424 Multi-lane PIN Pad

Delivering Exceptional Payment Experiences

  • Capacitive Multi-Touch Display

  • Full-Motion Video

Customer Favorites Help Increase Customer Retention

  • Supports Loyalty Programs

  • Any Payment Type Including APMs

Safety and Security for Your Business and Your Customers

  • V/AOS Based on Android 8

  • PCI PTS 5.x Approved

Used by Merchants of Across All Industries

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Are you ready for a new M424?

We can help you get started.

We are With You All the Way

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Need help choosing the right device?

Good consultation takes time. Our team will happily discuss your needs so you can confidently choose the right device for your business setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is it possible to accept payment methods such as Klarna and cryptocurrency on the M424?

    Certainly! You have the flexibility to incorporate Advanced Payment Methods (APM) functionality into any Verifone device that has scanning capabilities. To gather more information, please visit our dedicated Advanced Payment Methods page or reach out to your Verifone sales representative without delay.

  • I have multiple high-traffic locations and can't afford downtime. What options do you have for replacement devices should one get damaged or become unusable?

    With our Priority Exchange services, you always have a backup. Let us know as soon as a failure occurs, and we'll deliver a replacement unit to you the very next day – guaranteed! Learn about all the benefits of our Device Services - replacement, repair, kitting, and more.

  • Can I integrate the M424 with other systems?

    Absolutely. Designed to integrate with various point-of-sale (POS) systems and software applications, our multilane PIN pads are the perfect device for integrating with almost any ECR. They are all compatible with different software interfaces, enabling seamless integration with existing business systems.

  • What about support? Do you have online resources where I can get device support whenever needed?

    We have the level of support you need to keep business flowing - order or repair status, warranty entitlement, our compliance guidelines, and more. For a complete support menu, visit our Support page to learn about the many options and benefits that help keep your business running smoothly morning, noon, and night.

Device Specifications

Delivering exceptional payment experiences


One of the industry’s thinnest multimedia payment devices in a small footprint


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    5.5" Screen
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    Verifone Secure OS, AVOS Based on Android 8.1
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    ARM Cortex A7 Quad Core, 1.1 GHz
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    PCI PTS 5.x Approved
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    Supports Advanced Payment Methods

Connecting Commerce

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    Device Management

    Complete end-to-end estate management.

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    Global eCommerce

    Create a smooth journey for your online shoppers.

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    Enable smooth checkouts for repeat customers.

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