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Zizzi Ristorante

Editorial Board
The Challenge
To encourage charitable donations by offering customers engaging alternatives to a collections tin on the counter

Zizzi wanted an easy way for customers to get involved in its CSR activity and help boost overall funds raised for charities.

Zizzi is a popular chain of Italian restaurants located across the United Kingdom. It has grown steadily since being founded in 1999, with 136 restaurants currently in the UK. Due to its immense reach, Zizzi wanted to give back through charitable donations.

Verifone introduced Pennies, a digital charity box, to its PaaS offering for merchants in the retail and hospitality sectors. Enabled with the flip of a (virtual) switch, Pennies instantly lets merchants start collecting donations, and keeps track of them via Verifone's online reporting tool.

100 K
£ raised in 8 months

Pennies is the digital upgrade of a traditional charity box. Verifone offers the feature as a value-added service for all current versions of its PAYware Ocius products. The Verifone solution with Pennies has been live with Zizzi since 2013.

With Pennies, Verifone has enabled Zizzi to boost donations to its charity partners. Cancer Research UK is the latest charity to benefit; it was introduced as a beneficiary of Pennies at Zizzi locations in May 2014. With a suggested donation amount of just 25p, Zizzi raised £100,000 for Cancer Research UK through Pennies in the first 8 months. The ease of use has ensured a steady stream of donations, with a weekly average of £3,500 raised across the chain’s 136 restaurants. Verifone ensured that the request for donation appeared after the request for gratuity, to prevent any concern over negatively affecting waiting staff tips.