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The Challenge
To provide a faster, more secure solution to process online transactions

Founded in 1972, Rohan is a manufacturer and supplier of outdoor clothing and footwear. With over 60 stores throughout the UK, along with  a prominent online presence, the retailer sought an online card payments processing solution that would increase efficiency and strengthen security.

Historically, Rohan used a solution for e-commerce payments that was not fully PCI DSS compliant. While the systems were secure, they often left customers experiencing lengthy transaction times—particularly if there happened to be a problem with their payment card. Customers could wait up to three days to receive feedback if there was an issue with processing their payment, which resulted in extremely dissatisfied and inconvenienced shoppers who would experience frequent delays in their ordered goods being delivered.

To meet these demands and add further value, Verifone equipped Rohan with a faster and more secure solution to process its online card payments, the proven multi-channel Payments-as-a-Service platform. The solution was implemented as part of a complete overhaul of Rohan’s e-commerce system and ran smoothly throughout the implementation.

Rohan is now processing more transactions than ever.

Payments as a Service is ideal for e-commerce environments and helped simplify Rohan’s PCI DSS compliance efforts. Transaction details are entered into a payment form which, once confirmed, are captured, converted into an XML formatted message and encrypted through Verifone’s managed service payment gateway—a Level 1 PCI DSS certified payment processing infrastructure, which delivers fast, secure authorization, and processing of card payments.

To cope with the ever-fluctuating number of orders needing to be processed, Rohan's payment solution also had to be scalable. Other goals included improving the speed of online transactions and simplifying their PCI DSS compliance requirements.

Once Verifone equipped Rohan with a faster, more secure solution to process its online payments, Rohan achieved all of their goals. Overall, they are very happy with their payment solution, which is now processing more transactions than ever as Rohan’s business grows.