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All-in-one / UX 300/301


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The Challenge
To develop a payment option that would reduce the amount of cash available

As a business with a high degree of automation, Protecex needed a convenient and user-friendly payment solution.

Protecex is a technology company that provides interactive, unattended kiosks. The company wanted a payment option that would reduce the amount of cash available at their disposal points in order to lower the number of theft and vandalism incidents. It was also important that the kiosks withstand inclement weather. These factors, together with the range of services available, are crucial for achieving positive user experiences and generating greater opportunities for encouraging users to return to use these waste disposal points.

The company chose Verifone’s UX solutions, a set of payment modules for indoor and outdoor unattended machines, which comply with current PCI PTS and EMV security standards. The UX family is made up of the UX 100 PIN pad with screen, the card reader and UX 300 controller, and the UX 400 NFC/CTLS reader for tap-and-go payments. These modules can be combined in different configurations as needed. Together with software provided by Verifone partner Redsys, the complete solution accepts payments from all types of cards. The UX devices are extremely robust for challenging environments, and are also compact to be easily integrated into small machines.


Verifone and Protecex partnered to create quick and secure electronic payments at tourist sites.

Thanks to Verifone’s UX payment solutions, customers at Protecex’s disposal points...

  • Can pay for services conveniently, quickly, and securely.
  • Do not need cash, which is a determining factor for foreign tourists.
  • Can use other methods of payment, such as mobile wallets.
  • Can obtain and pay for additional services. (For example, tourist information about the area, museums, hotels, WiFi, etc.)


Protecex has reduced the development costs required to maintain the solution, thanks to the total cost of ownership of each device. Additionally, the company has obtained information about consumer buying behavior, which is extremely relevant for decision-making processes within the business. Given the success of the facilities, the company plans to install its waste disposal points in more tourist areas in Spain and other EU countries as well as Latin America.