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Moose Coffee & IntelligentPOS

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The Challenge
To integrate a payment solution with a software app for mobile POS

Intelligentpos wanted a partner that offers simple integration with POS devices for its app that allows iPads to manage an ePOS environment.

Intelligentpos needed a reliable partner with a good industry reputation to attract retailers and restaurants. This partner would need to deliver a complementary transaction platform with secure and robust POS devices capable of handling regular to high-volume transactions—particularly during peak periods, which is vital to the success of fast food and beverage outlets.

Intelligentpos decided to offer Verifone’s PaaS (Payment as a Service) platform to hospitality outlets looking for the convenience, control, and functionality of an iPad-based system, but with the same back-end integration and facilities of a traditional ePOS platform.

Verifone's PaaS—used with either a VX 820 DUET countertop terminal or a wireless VX 680 payment device—is ideal for hospitality environments. PCI PTS 3.x and EMV certified for secure card transactions, Verifone’s solution provides Intelligentpos with a complete managed payments platform that provides simplicity and security.

Verifone’s solution allowed Intelligentpos to offer a unique proposition to Moose Coffee, and the chain quickly rolled out an iPad POS system in their coffee shops across the UK.

The ease of use of the payment devices, their seamless connectivity, and their secure back office capabilities allowed Moose Coffee to reduce queue time and positively affect the customer experience.

How This Impacts

The Intelligentpos & Verifone solution was implemented in Moose Coffee branches across the UK.

Intelligentpos is an iPad based POS system that can now be integrated with Verifone’s devices and transaction platform to deliver all the features you’d expect to find in a traditional ePOS system, and at a fraction of the cost.

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