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The Challenge
To increase security and simplify card payments across multiple channels

B&Q was eager to take advantage of the new PCI P2PE standard to increase security and better protect its 3 million customers, in-store, online, and via MOTO.

The largest home improvement and garden centre retailer in the UK is B &Q. Employing more than 30,000 people nationwide, it currently has 350 stores in the UK and 8 stores in Ireland.

In order to conform to PCI P2PE in store, B&Q was required to update its entire PIN pad estate to a solution with PTS 3.x approval and SRED capability. This would make B&Q the first major high street retailer to implement a total PCI P2PE solution in the UK.

To achieve this, it needed a trusted provider who could offer a complete omnichannel, PaaS solution, with the capability and expertise to implement a PCI P2PE validated solution, for a high-volume retail business on this scale.

VX 820 NFC/CTLS terminals rolled out

B&Q chose Verifone to initiate the full deployment of a PCI P2PE, PaaS solution across all stores in the UK and Ireland.

Card payments are now processed via Verifone’s payment gateway, with VX 820 PIN pads deployed across all of B&Q’s UK stores. The same Verifone platform supports B&Q’s call centre and website.

To date, B&Q has rolled out almost 4,500 Verifone VX 820 NFC/CTLS terminals. PCI PTS 3.x certified, these payment devices are also approved with an SRED module, which is necessary to achieve P2PE validation in a physical environment.

All of B&Q’s payment data is now encrypted from the point of entry to a third-party secure environment where it is decrypted for authorisation. Using P2PE to maximise PED security—and standardise encryption throughout—better protects the B&Q brand against significant data breaches, which can potentially cost millions in lost revenue.

By moving card data out of the store systems and into Verifone’s hosted payment gateway, B&Q has also effectively reduced its PCI DSS scope, freeing resources to focus on other parts of the business.

How This Impacts

As a result of partnering with Verifone, B&Q has ensured customers can shop safer and smarter.

Incorporating tokenization along with P2PE, the Verifone platform allows for safe identification and tracking of B&Q customers’ spending habits for loyalty programmes and value-added services, which are an integral part of B&Q’s marketing mix.

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