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Verifone and nexo

What is nexo?

nexo, formerly EPASOrg, is an international non-profit organisation with a mission to promote and ensure the interoperability between card acceptance and acquiring solutions, integrated retail and terminal management systems through the delivery of universal standards. nexo has been the very first organization to design and develop ISO 20022 messages for card payments.
Developed by the main players in the industry, including Verifone, nexo's new-generation standards provide a set of coherent specifications for card payment acceptance. These international standards look to replace those in force in each country. In an environment where commerce is being conducted in an increasingly multi-country and multi-channel way, nexo’s standards offer to merchants many advantages as such as:

  • Standard systems for international card acceptance that are faster to put in place
  • Lower payment management costs for all stakeholders,
  • Streamlining of product development and maintenance costs;
  • Simplified integration with checkout systems,
  • Faster deployment of innovations
  • Flexibility and approval simplification in each country
  • Simplification of terminal management for all markets in the EU

Verifone and nexo 
Verifone sits on the board of nexo and is an active member in all working groups. We support the goals of interoperability and standardisation within the industry and are actively working to implement the nexo protocols in all our payment solutions and services.

Want to know more?
Visit the nexo site: