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On the move, on your customers’ terms

Innovative. Modern. Flexible.

Transport companies need to move at the same pace as their passengers – quickly – to create engaging, effective customer experiences. Adding new payment options does more than increase speed. It enables transport providers to improve interactions and increase customer satisfaction – the cornerstone of long-term loyalty.

  • 360 solutions from verifone

    Fast, secure, and reliable

    Keep up with even the most demanding environments.
  • padlock security verifone

    Maximum security

    Incorporates stringent security standards and anti-vandalism measures to protect sensitive customer information.
  • verifone track performance

    Track performance

    Track payments in both public and private hire vehicles, to identify where profits can be better optimised.
  • scanning QR code with smartphone to pay

    Advanced Payments

    Create a dynamic payment experience for every client on a single device regardless of payment method.

  • managing multiple devices in one screen

    Central Device Management

    Connecting all of your payment devices from anywhere in your business and providing detailed feedback—all from one portal

  • Reporting, insight and all-in-one analytics with Verifone reporting

    Reporting & Management

    Detailed analytics for organisations of all sizes, from individual businesses to large corporations. Take the guesswork out of managing your company.

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I want to talk about new payment solutions

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