Smarter Transaction Infrastructure

Verifone IntelliNAC

A fully configurable network management system employs business logic to increase the speed and capacity of your transaction processing system.

Turbocharge Your Payments Infrastructure

Think of your transaction framework as if it were an engine. Is it running at peak performance? Or can the speed and capacity of your payments use a boost? Verifone IntelliNAC is a system of hardware and software engineered to cost-effectively scale your existing infrastructure without the need for expensive upgrades.

Made for your business needs

  • Intelligent Control
    Content-aware, IntelliNAC scans data points within the transaction and applies client-configured rules to manage how it is processed.
  • Full Network Visibility
    IntelliView, an integrated network management and reporting system, allows you to monitor your transaction system to ensure peak performance.
  • Transaction Level Clarity
    Use the LogARithm component to store up to 50 million transactions per day. Generate reports and perform statistical analyses to uncover trends.
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