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A modern, comprehensive pay-at-the-table solution

Pay-at-the-table made easy

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Restaurants, like other consumer-facing businesses, want to grow and provide the best possible customer experience.

Verifone's comprehensive pay-at-the-table solution makes it easier for them to meet these goals in a world of ever-changing technology and consumer demand.

Pay-at-the-table is growing in demand among restaurants, as well as their patrons. It’s an innovative way for restaurants to differentiate themselves with better customer service and enhanced security. Plus, it increases table turnover, which equals more revenue—especially during peak times. For consumers, pay-at-the-table elevates the dining experience with the freedom to use alternative payment methods (like Apple Pay), and greater peace of mind knowing they can also pay by card—without it ever leaving their sight (or the table).

Last year, we introduced the e285, a standalone mobile point of sale (mPOS) device that gives restaurants and other merchants the ability to securely accept all payment types from anywhere in their environment—without having to depend on a smart device. It’s built on our Engage platform and features a color touch screen (capable of signature capture), which enriches the pay-at-the-table experience with digital content and improved customer engagement.

Today, Verifone is making pay-at-the-table even better.

Our newly introduced accessories package consisting of a bill folio and multi-unit charger, both of which are exclusively designed to elevate the e285 as a modern, comprehensive pay-at-the-table solution.

The folio can be customized according to restaurant branding needs, and securely holds the e285 while also minimizing the risk of potential damage from food or liquid. This allows servers to present customers with the check—and the payment device—in a traditional, elegant style that’s ideal for casual and fine dining establishments. Speaking of style, the folio also features a transaction indicator—an illuminated screen that allows servers to discretely see whether or not the bill has been paid and is ready for pickup.

pay at the table
The check and e285 payment device are presented to customers in an elegant bill folio.
e285 and bill folio

It’s a way for restaurants to differentiate themselves with better customer service and security.

Dennis Mos Senior Director of Sales, Hospitality, Verifone

To ensure all-day (and night) grab-and-go reliability, restaurant staff can easily place e285 devices into the Qi wireless multi-unit gang charger—without having to remove the device from the folio. Each charger can power-up as many as five units at once—and its strong magnetic charging port ensures a fast and secure charge every time, not to mention simple “drop-in & pickup” for busy servers.

Multi-unit gang charger
Qi wireless multi-unit gang charger can charge up to 5 units at once, ensuring all-day grab & go reliability.

Restaurants, like every other consumer-facing business, want to grow and provide their customers with the best experience possible. Bolstering our highly-advanced mPOS device with this package of accessories provides the comprehensive, user friendly pay-at-the-table solution restaurants need to more easily achieve their objectives in a world where technology and consumer demand are in constant flux. Request for a demo to get a first-hand look at the e285 and these new accessories that are raising the bar for pay-at-the-table.

How This Impacts

Just accepting payments isn’t enough for the modern-day POS device.

When it comes to elevating the payment experience through personalization, the innovation and flexibility of modern payment devices and services are vital to merchants. The way we perceive personalization is changing too, evidenced by a 2014 Forrester report, “Businesses need to evolve from personalization to contextualization—a tailored, adaptive, and sometimes predictive customer experience.”