Foodservice Operations, Amplified

Verifone Online Ordering

Streamline your operation and grow sales

  • Make Ordering Easier

    Give your customers the freedom to order anywhere, anytime while incorporating other in-store and digital marketing initiatives. 
  • Reach More Customers

    Make your brand more accessible and leverage various avenues such as your social media networks to boost sales and increase customer adoption and usage. 
  • Streamline Operations

    Seamlessly integrate with Verifone Commander systems to complement your foodservice operation. Maximize your revenue by adding an additional ordering avenue.
Case Study
table full of convenience store hot foods ordered through Verifone's Online Ordering solution

Make your foodservice more accessible and watch your top line grow.


Alleviate long lines and take the pressure off your sales counter when customers order at their own pace. The modern, intuitive UI seamlessly integrates with your existing ordering systems for an enhanced user experience. Accept order ahead and online orders with ease and offer the freedom for your customers to order anywhere, anytime and any way they want to.

Easy Integration

Works on any connected device

Expand Your Presence

Users can mark their favorite stores, apply discounts and earn loyalty points before checkout. The app encourages customers to return with convenient reordering options, such as order history tracking and a favorites list of the top 10 most frequently ordered items. Boost revenue with more opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell, and by removing 3rd party apps, keep more of the profits in your pocket while you do it.



Boost Sales

Fully customize your online menu with additional options to link a FAQ page, nutrition information or social media page directly on the app. Make your brand more accessible to your customers and broaden your company’s reach with a familiar, cost effective mobile or online ordering experience.

Quick Go-to-Market

Easy Reporting

Enhanced UX

Solution Set
End-to-End Solutions
Advanced Payment Methods

Open the world of commerce with and provide more ways for your customers to pay, such as PayPal and Venmo. Access all the certified APM partners with a single integration to Verifone.

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Engineered to provide multiple solutions, the C18 can be used as a cashier-facing POS, a customer-facing self-checkout.

Learn more about C18

A versatile site management solution providing increased speed in payment acceptance, fueling operations, and back-office store control.

Learn more about Commandeer
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