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E waste management in India

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Verifone has a strong commitement to reduce electronic waste (e-waste).
With that in mind, it is our top priority to take back end of life products.

And destroy them in a safe and responsible manner.

As part of e-waste recycling initiative, Verifone has partnered with GreenTek Reman Pvt. Ltd., to comply E-Waste management and handling rules in providing environmentally sound management of end-of-life electronics.

GreenTek Reman Pvt. Ltd. has obtained all the necessary authorization from the appropriate governmental agencies for their processing facilities and ensures proper recycling and disposal of e-waste. Joining hands with them helps Verifone to protect the environment and manage e-waste appropriately. 

In case of any queries regarding the proper disposal and/or recycling of electronics, consumers can contact the helpdesk at the given toll free number. An EPR specialist of Verifone partner recycler, GreenTek Reman Pvt. Ltd. shall attend to the requirement and provide best possible solution for pickup of e-waste generated by you, through its logistic partner within a committed time line.

•    Toll Free Number (For E-waste Management) – 1800-1211-788
•    Email –

General Scheme of Collection

Verifone India Sales Pvt. Ltd. (“Verifone”) being the Seller/ Importer as per E-Waste (management) Rules, 2016, always give priority to compliances and follow all regulations amended from time to time by government authorities related to e-waste management.

Following are General Collection Schemes
Buy Back Schemes
Verifone can buy back the old and used product from Verifone customers to recycle them with the help of the agreement with Dismantler / Recycler.

Cash Back Schemes
Verifone can give cash back to the customers to encourage them to bring their old and used product to Verifone and then Verifone can recycle the material through agreement with Dismantler / Recycler.

Refundable Deposits
Not available as of now. 

Collection Centers and Points
Verifone customers can send their used product after end of life to designated collection points for recycling.
See complete list here 

Create awareness among customers and help them to understand the importance of recycling their used product after end of life through educational emails.

These are the ways in which we plan to bring back used products from Verifone customers after end of life.

Mode of Collections

•    Verifone have partnered with Greentek Reman Pvt Ltd Recycler/Dismantler registered with UPPCB for management and dismantling/recycling of all Verifone e-waste.

•    As a part of agreement Greentek Reman Pvt Ltd Recycler/Dismantler collects all Verifone E-waste generated from the collections points and disposes the same at their plant at Greater Noida (UP). Further all process of recycling is done in an environmentally sound manner. 

•    Greentek Reman Pvt Ltd (recycler / dismantler/ Verifone e-waste management partner) is having all authorisation related to e-waste dismantling from UPPCB and having all consents related to Air/water. They have a capacity of 9000 MTA per annum.

•    Keeping in view Verifone sales volume and generation of e-waste as per Verifone future e-waste targets and Verifone expansion plan Verifone has decided to follow these mechanism in Verifone for collection of e-waste.

•    As per Verifone agreement with GTR recycler if any customer wants to handover the old product they can easily contact designated collection points. See complete list here. Alternatively, they can call the Verifone Toll Free Number 1800-1211-788 well as for arranging a pick up from Verifone side.

•    Verifone shall use designated recycler or dismantler’s logistics facility for the collection of e-waste.