parking machine and shopping cart
Self-service at the touch of a button

UX 100/110

Made for your business needs

  • Two dollar bills with a shield behind

    Investment protection

    Built for exceptional performance and extreme durability, ideal for off-street parking meters, ticketing machines, and more.
  • purposeful design

    Purposeful design

    The embossed & color-marked buttons enable friendly and intuitive use, while a high contrast display on the UX 100 simplifies readability in sunlight.
  • Padlock in front of a shield

    Maximum security

    Secure to the core, both devices are tamper-resistant and equipped with PCI 4.X security standard certification.
man paying in front of a vending machine
Mother Nature may have met her match.
Built to last, the UX 100/110 feature a sturdy metal front plate and weatherproof enclosure to protect against the elements, and an anti-vandalism casing to withstand exceptionally high impact.
Diamond to represent durability
Extreme durability
Four puzzle pieces with the fourth piece fitting in perfect
Seamless integration
Unmatched Versatility
parking machine for tickets
Tough, but plays well with others.
Designed for seamless integration, both PIN pads feature flexible configuration settings with Verifone’s UX 300 and UX 410, as well as an easy, single-cable connection.
Compatible with many point-of-sale host protocols, and equipped with a powerful controller for maximum transaction speed, the UX 100/110 is ready to take your unattended transactions to the next level.
Powerful processor
Plug-and-play functionality


Optional Accessories

Vast cable options

Connectivity / Communications

USB ports (optional)

Payment Acceptance

EMV | MSR | NFC/CTLS (Available depending on UX modules)


32-bit RISC processor


Expanded memory available


PCI PTS 4.x approved


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